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Judge Voids Nearly Half of Apple's $1 Billion Judgment Against Samsung, Calls for New Trial to Settle Revised Damages

FOSS Patents reports that judge Lucy Koh has struck nearly half of the $1 billion in damages awarded to Apple in its patent lawsuit against Samsung last August, calling for a new trial to set revised damage amounts for the affected portions of the judgment.
The $450 million amount [struck from the damage award] corresponds to 14 Samsung products, with respect to which a new damages trial must be held because the court cannot make the adjustments it deems necessary for legal reasons: the jury set only one damages figure per product, but half a dozen different intellectual property rights were found infringed, resulting in a lack of clarity as to what portion of a per-product damages figure is attributable to a given intellectual property right.
Judge Koh agreed with Samsung's lawyers that the jury had erred in some of its damage calculations for the 14 affected Samsung products, meaning that a new trial must be held to determine what the damages should be for those devices.

FOSS Patents notes that Apple remains entitled to nearly $600 million in damages from the original judgement, as well as whatever a new jury decides the damages should be for the 14 devices included in the retrial, and interest. Apple is also seeking supplemental damages that have yet to be determined.

The new trial covering the 14 Samsung devices will likely not be heard until appeals of the original ruling have played out, meaning that is likely to be some time before any revised damages are decided.

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86 months ago

You are being unfair. Lucy awarded Apple by far the highest payment. I believe Apple got nothing from all other lawsuits. After all Lucy is Apple's home judge.

Lucy awarded nothing. The jury awarded Apple.

I'm wondering if she is going to be the next expert witness on samsungs payroll.
Rating: 23 Votes
86 months ago
Some of the misogynistic and racist comments towards Judge Koh are truly shocking to see on a site like this. Fanboyism at its worst.

The reality is that some of the jury's damage awards for specific devices *were* wrong, and Judge Koh is declaring a do-over on those elements the jury messed up on. Absolutely fair and the right thing to do.
Rating: 16 Votes
86 months ago
Good to see this hasn't gotten ridiculous or anything.
Rating: 14 Votes
86 months ago
Judge Koh is being such a...
Rating: 14 Votes
86 months ago
Oh look how quickly people turn on Koh. You can almost hear the sound of spittle smacking the monitor as they cry out for her head.

The sheer amount of frothing over Samsung and not so witty parodies of the name Samsung are so entertaining. It's just a gadget folks...
Rating: 14 Votes
86 months ago

Lucy awarded nothing. The jury awarded Apple.

I'm wondering if she is going to be the next expert witness on samsungs payroll.

How quick we start to accuse judges of corruption when their rulings doesn't please us.

By the way, if you want to accuse someone of being on Samsung payroll, accuse the jury. They couldn't did it worst in the damages awarding not splitting them by patent
Rating: 12 Votes
86 months ago
Unfreaking real. That shoots innovators and designers in the head. Why try and improve anything when you know its going to be knocked off in Asia soon afterwards. And the legal system just lets it happen.

Corrupt, copying, plagiarizing, thieves. Samsung Korean, Koh Korean, how big a bag of cash did she get I wonder?

Oh how I hate Samsung. Phones, washers, dryers, microwaves, Audio, Video they knock it ALL off and profit from the design, research and hard work of others. Pathetic cowards.

Rant over.
Rating: 11 Votes
86 months ago

Is anyone aware that Judge Lucy H. Koh is korean descendant? :eek:

And this fact is relevant because ....
Rating: 11 Votes
86 months ago
Why all the Samsung hate? Wasn't Macintosh built by Jobs that took the UI design at Xerox? Didn't iOS copy notifications? I thought there was a lot that Apple copied. I am probably wrong.

Hopefully they straighten everything out. I like both companies, and I will continue to purchase from both (as long as the products are to my liking). It seems a lot of people are for one company, or the other.
Rating: 10 Votes
85 months ago

No. I didn't say that. I didn't say anything else than the fact that she's korean descendant.
Anything else you may think comes from your own imagination. The same goes for the others who replied to my post.

Sorry - I'm calling you out for this BS reply.

"Is anyone aware that Judge Lucy H. Koh is korean descendant? :eek:"

Are you really going to play the "innocent" card. Please. Why point it out? Or are you suggesting you made some random comment that has nothing to with anything?

And when someone asked why you pointed it out you replied "You go figure it out..."

So you meant something by it.
Rating: 9 Votes

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