Just a couple days after the iPhone 5 received final regulatory certification in China, Sina Tech is reporting that China Unicom has started reservations for iPhone 5. China Unicom received 100,000 reservations in the first day, by 4pm local time, and required an ID card and other personal information to reserve an iPhone 5 for the first day.

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China Unicom rival China Telecom has reportedly been taking iPhone 5 reservations for weeks, including 5,000 reservations on Sunday. Apple today announced that 50 countries would be receiving the iPhone 5 in December, with China being one of them.

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Chumburro2U Avatar
137 months ago
Whatcha talkin' bout?

Considering the size of China's mobile phone market, not really.
Of course that is a huge number. 1st day preorders of 100,000+, in the first day. Give it a few more days and see, then post again. :apple:

Edit: That is only one carrier, I believe, there are 3 Chinese carriers selling the iPhone 5. What till the other carriers numbers start coming in.
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szw-mapple fan Avatar
137 months ago
yes and no

Considering the size of China's mobile phone market, not really.

Right and wrong. Considering the size of China's mobile phone market, yes, but most people are still using non-smartphone phones, so it's a quite significant number.
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kkent25 Avatar
137 months ago
Wait until they hit the stores. There will be line ups.
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smulji Avatar
137 months ago
That is a lot of phones.

Considering the size of China's mobile phone market, not really.
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mrsir2009 Avatar
137 months ago
Not surprising... Dem' billion people :cool:
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nfl46 Avatar
137 months ago
Just realize how amazing the iPhone 5 looks.
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