Apple Again Tops U.S. Retail Chains in Sales at $6000 per Square Foot

Fortune points to a new report from research firm Retail Sails, which once again ranks Apple as the U.S. retail store chain with the highest sales per square foot. Apple's sales productivity is calculated at over $6000 per square foot, more than double that of second-place Tiffany & Co.

retail sails 2012 ranking
Apple also topped the list last year, with this year's 7.5% growth in sales per square foot ranking second among the top five companies to lululemon's 11.8% growth. Apple's retail store sales growth has, however, slowed considerably from Retail Sails' 2011 estimate of 49.1% growth as Apple has in some cases been transitioning to larger store sizes and expanded iPhone and iPad distribution has siphoned some demand from Apple's own retail stores.

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AppleMacFinder Avatar
112 months ago
lololemon? what is it? :rolleyes:
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samcraig Avatar
112 months ago
lololemon? what is it? :rolleyes:


It's athletic wear. A simple google search would have answered your questions? :rolleyes::confused:
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Krazy Bill Avatar
112 months ago
How many bodies is that per sq. ft? I grew so tired of squeezing into Apple stores with the crowds I avoid them.
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xofruitcake Avatar
112 months ago
And how does this make their last product innovative? Better? Worth the increasing price?

Yeah, one of those many many micro-news any corporation could do in other domains, that actually don't mean anything but Apple making money and obviously not investing it in R&D, quality or consumer prices anymore...but rather in ridiculous patent lawsuits.
yap.. but it means customers are buying Apple products and the store is a popular places for consumer to buy Apple stuff.. Do you know that Apple spent 3.38B in last fiscal year in R&D? How many company in the world do that?

If Apple product is not innovative or high quality, why would people buy their products? do you need to see your psychiatrist to talk out your anger issue?
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otherjobs Avatar
112 months ago
lololemon? what is it? :rolleyes:

Similar to lolwutpear:

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comatose81 Avatar
112 months ago
And how does this make their last product innovative? Better? Worth the increasing price?

Yeah, one of those many many micro-news any corporation could do in other domains, that actually don't mean anything but Apple making money and obviously not investing it in R&D, quality or consumer prices anymore...but rather in ridiculous patent lawsuits.
Bitter much?

Newsflash: you don't have to buy their products.
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