iPhone 5 Launches in 22 Countries and a Number of Rural Carriers Friday

Apple is launching the iPhone 5 in 22 new countries and on a number of regional carriers in the U.S., one week after it went on sale in the U.S. and a number of the larger international markets.

Though the iPhone is sold out at Apple's online store -- it currently lists a 3-4 week wait-time on the U.S. branch -- the iPhone 5 goes on sale tomorrow in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland.

The iPhone 5 is also going on sale at a number of U.S. regional carriers, including Cricket, C Spire, Bluegrass Cellular, Cellcom, GCI, Golden State Cellular, Nex-Tech Wireless, Pioneer Wireless, Appalachian Wireless, MTA Solutions, and nTelos.

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97 months ago
Why should every US order be completed before it's rolled out to the other countries?
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97 months ago

Great launching in 22 more places when they don't even have stock in the US

Yeah, popular companies tend to do that - sell products in other countries... :eek:

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97 months ago

maybe because Apple is a US company.

Manufacturing in China and despatching Worldwide.

This was planned from the very beginning, see announcement video.
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97 months ago

I just hope for some reason these will be perfect, unlike the current iPhones..

My iPhone is perfect and so are a lot of others, only a few batches got out bad.

wtf are they selling when they still owe me my iphone.. :mad:

how bout fulfill your current orders first you bastards

Because Apple sells worldwide and already allocated certain weeks to be dedicated to the international launch.

Because a commonly accepted definition of responsibility is to complete one commitment before taking on another? Because the people that have ordered, and have ALREADY PAID have fair expectation of having a product in hand before someone who hasn't?

Is that enough or do you need more?

Before Apple released for the initial launch, they have already allocated weeks of production to the international market, some of which use a different phone than is sold in the US. So they said they were releasing in other countries on the 28th, would not making anything for them be accepted as responsible?

maybe because Apple is a US company.

A U.S. company that sells globally.
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97 months ago

They really should focus on filling customers perorders before bringing on more countries/carriers.

Not a wise choice on Apples part to say the least.

Heeeey! So you're more important than mejust cause you're American and I'm European? You could have got in line dude.


Number 14 in line in Randers, Denmark. :)
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97 months ago

maybe because Apple is a US company.

o m g ...

u can keep ur cdma models btw, no one in the rest of the world uses this outdated thing and even the at&t ones are different so we dont "take anything from u" in the first place
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97 months ago

Great launching in 22 more places when they don't even have stock in the US

Omg you people are so ridiculous. No one is reducing Americans of iPhones. When the iPhone was announced stock was given to these countries before release. Other countries will face delays as well once it starts selling.

So should every American get iPhones before the rest of the world gets one?

As an American I get tired of other Americans like you who think America comes first. There is a world outside here that deserves overpriced igadgets just like us . So what you got to wait 3 weeks to get an iPhone? That's a first world problem.
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97 months ago
Waiting in line right now in New Zealand (5am), AMA :D
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97 months ago
Well, some nerve!!

I can't order until Oct 7 (upgrade date), and now I'll have to wait longer for my phone!

Starting to sell it to all those foreign people will inconvenience ME. MY need for instant gratification will be delayed, all because of those foreign sales.

Don't us AMERICANS always come first!?

Most importantly, don't I come first!?

Some nerve...

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97 months ago
European markets have different models from the US

The European carriers are not using either the CDMA model used by Verizon or the AT&T/Canadian carrier models so they are from a separate production run and different radios.

There are two GSM models and one CDMA model IIRC with the CDMA model being primarily for the Verizon/Sprint market.
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