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Apple Introduces Four Television Spots for the iPhone 5

With the launch of the iPhone 5, Apple has started running a full slate of television ads promoting the product. Typical with Apple advertising, all the spots focus on the features of the iPhone 5 and iOS, rather than price. They are voiced by Jeff Daniels, currently starring as Will McAvoy on HBO's Newsroom.

One is focused on the new EarPod headphones, while another shows off the new Panorama feature in iOS 6, and a third touts the larger screen of the iPhone 5. The fourth ad shows how the iPhone 5 is the perfect size for "your thumb", a subtle jab at the larger screens of some Android phones that can be difficult to use with one hand.

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87 months ago
These are funny! Really good Apple. Especially "Thumbs". A little nudge back at Samsung without being classless like them.
Rating: 128 Votes
87 months ago
Two thumbs up for these ads.:D
Rating: 72 Votes
87 months ago
Good ads, but they aren't great ads. They almost come off as pretentious.
Rating: 50 Votes
87 months ago
My favorite is either Thumbs or Physics. These ads are much classier than ones by other competitors.

By the way, I'm sure I wasn't the only one, but I submitted this. :rolleyes:
Rating: 43 Votes
87 months ago
This is much better then those genius "mini-sitcoms."
Rating: 43 Votes
87 months ago
These ads don't represent the elegance of Apple. :(
Rating: 42 Votes
87 months ago
"A dazzling display of common sense."
Well played!
Rating: 33 Votes
87 months ago
I couldn't for the life of me pinpoint who was doing the voice over, then it hit me! Jeff Daniels!
Rating: 30 Votes
87 months ago

These are absolutly horrible.

Far, far better than the Olympic ads.
Rating: 28 Votes
87 months ago
I really liked the overall attitude of these ads. Damn it I need to get my hands on one!
Rating: 27 Votes

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