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iPhone 5 Javascript Benchmarks Over Twice as Fast

AnandTech publishes the first SunSpider Javascript benchmarks for the iPhone 5. SunSpider measures Javascript performance which runs in web browsers.

Smaller numbers are better, so the final score of 914.7ms is better than all of the other devices on the chart and is the fastest SunSpider test they've ever recorded for a smartphone. The iPhone 5 is two and a half times as fast as the iPhone 4S (2250ms) and notably faster than the Samsung Galaxy S III (1442.9-1824.9ms).

Javascript is used as a measure of web browser performance, but the final score can be impacted by both the processor as well as the particular Javascript implementation on the device. Javascript is a common area of optimization due to its common usage on websites and may have been improved in iOS 6 which ships with the iPhone 5. AnandTech notes that the superior performance is likely a reflection of the Apple A6's improved memory subsystem.

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87 months ago
Samsung Galaxy's 3 quad core = quad fail.
Rating: 68 Votes
87 months ago
So all the spec whores will choose the iPhone 5 over the S Galaxy III right? Because they are spec-whores right?
Rating: 38 Votes
87 months ago

Wake me up when Apple has a clue about customization and then I'll consider using an iOS based device.

wake me up when fandroids will stop wasting their time in a forum called macrumors.'s gonna be a long slumber...
Rating: 33 Votes
87 months ago

You do realize that its individuals like YOURSELF that instigate these kinds of 'brand wars' in the forums? Do you find meaning in life by being having an Apple logo or other attached to your character?

most of us don't worship apple, we just like their products, and this is a forum to discuss stuff. It's pretty crazy that you have an account to talk about products you loathe. I'm not sure what it says about your mental well being.
Rating: 32 Votes
87 months ago

So, you'd rather turn a blind eye at the fact that Apple purposely limits even the slightest bit of customization? Do you oppose CHOICE?

I would consider "slightest bit of customization" to wallpapers. which we have. I know its "widgets" that your referring too but I mean......I can click on the weather app if I need to see the weather. I don't need it on my home screen.
Rating: 29 Votes
87 months ago
Big LOL at Android fanboys who say everything about specs and nothing about actual performance.

Just hope that my iPhone 5 gets here Friday instead of Monday!
Rating: 26 Votes
87 months ago
I am, for one, excited for this phone.
Rating: 24 Votes
87 months ago
I can’t accept Android because I like choice. The choice of truly high-quality (not “meets a checklist on paper") apps on Android is severely limited compared to the freedom of choice I have in iOS apps. And what is a touchscreen device but its apps and how well they work?

I also like the choice to update my OS, promptly and to the latest version, and not be left in the cold before my 2-year contract is even up.

Android is about choice... but for carriers more so than for users! Apple makes their money by creating a great user experience, and giving developers a platform to do the same. Google makes money by selling our “anonymized” info to advertisers, and Google’s handset partners make money by doing the minimum innovation and churning out tons of devices, which then are left to be obsolete, running old software, so you can go buy the latest fashion craze. (Since, as well all know, what matters is that every past case design be scrapped, and every new case design be totally different—not what the thing inside the shell actually does.)
Rating: 24 Votes
87 months ago
iPhone 5 < 1 second

This is the first phone under one full second! Way to break boundaries!
Rating: 22 Votes
87 months ago

Customization in my eyes goes well beyond widgets, which I only have *one* of on my android phone (a big transparent clock using a helvetica type font). I dont care for widgets myself, but I would never enforce the limitation on others to not have them if they so chose to.... unlike apple.

I'm talking about lockscreens, notifications, transition animations, keyboards and sizes, contact shortcuts and what is available when pressed, etc. Its a lot of the little things that make the *whole* experience awesome to *MY* liking, not Steve Jobs or Apple's liking.

listen, if people actually gave a crap about being able to change their **** around no one would buy the iPhone. Obviously the iPhone is one of the most popular phones so you trying to speak for the 7 billion people in this world just makes you sound like a complete fool. Get off this forum if you can't handle the fact that some people like good design and want to use their **** for what it is meant to be used for and not have it run the NASA space station after 600 hours of customisation on their 1.5ghz quad core
Rating: 22 Votes

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