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iPhone 5 Pre-Orders Set New Sales Record for AT&T

Apple noted on Friday that it was "blown away" by demand for the iPhone 5, and today AT&T tells MacRumors that the iPhone 5 broke sales records over the weekend. AT&T customers ordered more iPhone 5 models than any previous iPhone, breaking records both for first day preorders and for the whole weekend.
AT&T set a sales record with iPhone 5 over the weekend, making it the fastest-selling iPhone the company has ever offered. Customers ordered more iPhones from AT&T than any previous model, both on its first day of preorders and over the weekend.
It has become tradition for Apple to "sell out" of iPhones during its pre-order period. It did so for the iPhone 3GS, the iPhone 4, and the iPhone 4S, and now the iPhone 5.

In June 2010, Apple announced that it took 600,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4, a number that was "far higher" than the company anticipated and one that resulted in server issues for both Apple and its carrier partners. In October 2011, Apple had a much smoother pre-order process, taking 1,000,000 pre-orders for the iPhone 4S.

If Apple follows its usual protocol, the company should announce pre-order numbers in a press release later today.

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84 months ago
On the off chance that this hasn't already gotten old:

Rating: 34 Votes
84 months ago
So much for Samsung's ad. :apple:
Rating: 30 Votes
84 months ago
But the iPhone 5 is such a disappointment! /sarcasm
Rating: 25 Votes
84 months ago
No, this is just Apple withholding stock! Oh wait... :rolleyes:
Rating: 21 Votes
84 months ago

Given that the iPhone 5 is arguably the least significant updates the iPhone has had, I'm really surprised. I know pre-orders sold out globally within just over an hour, but without knowing what availability was compared to other pre-releases, that didn't really mean a thing. However, to hear this from AT&T, especially as they no longer have the monopoly on iPhone in the US, leaves me somewhat staggered by the fact that there's still so many people out there (me included!) throwing their money at the iPhone 5.

That's a typo... right?

Rating: 20 Votes
84 months ago
Those negative samesung ads are so effective. :p
Rating: 17 Votes
84 months ago
Can we put the conspiracy theories about withholding supply for marketing purposes to rest, now?
Rating: 11 Votes
84 months ago
Give us the numbers!
Rating: 10 Votes
84 months ago
The money making machine is hotter than ever. Good job and congrats to the iPhone team at Apple.
Rating: 9 Votes
84 months ago

Given that the iPhone 5 is arguably the least significant update the iPhone has had, I'm really surprised.

Of course it is, since you already have it and have used it, right? :rolleyes:
Rating: 9 Votes

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