iPhone 5 Benchmarks Appear in Geekbench Showing a Dual Core, 1GHz A6 CPU

John Poole of PrimateLabs let us know that the first iPhone 5 benchmark has hit Geekbench.

The results show an iPhone5,2 device running iOS 6 with a Dual-Core 1.02GHz ARMv7 processor and 1GB of RAM.

The total Geekbench 2 score comes in at 1601. Poole notes that the average score for the iPhone 4S is 629 and the average score for the iPad 3 is 766. A comparison chart of previous iOS devices can be viewed at Geekbench. The numbers seem to validate Apple's claim that the A6 processor is twice as fast as the A5 and any previous iOS device. This one score also places the iPhone 5 ahead of the average scores of all Android phones on Geekbench. The full Geekbench results further breakdown processor, memory and bandwidth performance.

The A6 also appears to be clocked higher than the A5 at 1GHz (the iPhone 4S A5 ran at 800Mhz). The 1GB of RAM was previously confirmed by part number markings on the A6 processor itself.

Poole acknowledges that any pre-release results on Geekbench have a chance of being faked, but he seems to believe that these results are legitimate. The iPhone 5 will be available to the general public on September 21st.

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96 months ago

Android benchmarks for reference:




Two cores running @1.02 GHz each outperforming S3. Engineering people, engineering.

This is all less about specs and more about engineering.
Rating: 82 Votes
96 months ago
Rating: 77 Votes
96 months ago
All that performance from a thinner/lighter package; a testament to superb engineering and design.
Rating: 77 Votes
96 months ago
Faster than quad core s3 !!! lol
Rating: 65 Votes
96 months ago
In before Galaxy SIII users with their 1.4/1.5GHz blah blah blah...zzzzz

EDIT: D'oh!
Rating: 53 Votes
96 months ago
But...but... the S3 has better specs?
Rating: 52 Votes
96 months ago
So wait a second. The iPhone 5 is the thinnest, lightest, and fastest smart phone on the market with the largest App store?

Srsly guys this phone was a disappointment like everyone said it was.
Rating: 50 Votes
96 months ago
Samsung needs to update their ad.
Rating: 48 Votes
96 months ago
Damn, the iPhone 5 will officially be the fastest smartphone out there.

And that's just theoretical performance. In practice the resource-efficiency of iOS will make this phone even more of a beast.

I'm impressed. :cool:
Rating: 44 Votes
96 months ago

Good lord.
Rating: 41 Votes

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