'iPhone 5' Name Prematurely Revealed on Apple's Site [Updated]

As noted by several MacRumors readers, searches for "iPhone-5" on Apple's site are currently yielding a number of search results revealing that Apple will indeed be calling the new iPhone the "iPhone 5". The results point to several currently-inactive iPhone 5 pages including the press release announcement and a "tips" page.

iphone 5 results
(Thanks, Johan!)

Update 6:45 AM: 9to5Mac has also spotted a link to an inactive press release announcing the new iPod touch and iPod nano.

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faroZ06 Avatar
140 months ago
Sorry, but I have to:

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myrtlebee Avatar
140 months ago
lol let the confusion begin.......

There is nothing confusing about this. It's common sense. Were you one of those expecting an iPhone 6? :rolleyes:
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brayhite Avatar
140 months ago
Tyler Perry is seriously in everything.
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applefanDrew Avatar
140 months ago
Invite confirmed this a week ago.
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skidog1111 Avatar
140 months ago
Oh no

Queue the fools saying Apple is wrong to not call it the iPhone 6.
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Ubuntu Avatar
140 months ago
Wow, can't they keep anything secret?
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