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Updates to Apple's iMac Line Reportedly 'Imminent''s Clayton Morris reports that an update to Apple's aging iMac lineup is "imminent", although he does not offer additional details on a specific timeframe or expected improvements.
Get ready, because the iMacs are coming.

I've been hoping for an iMac update and it looks like my wish is about to come true! Multiple sources tell me that a new lineup of desktop machines from Apple is imminent.
As we noted last week, Apple's retail stores have been experiencing shortages of 27-inch iMacs, and multiple reports have suggested that updated iMacs will be arriving in the coming weeks.

Morris has been an occasional source for Apple rumors, but carries a mixed track record. While he offered a fairly good summary of what Apple's digital textbook media event earlier this year would entail, other predictions such as his claims of iOS 4.0 and iLife 2010 discussion at the media event introducing the original iPad failed to pan out.

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87 months ago
Finally a Mac Rumor!
Rating: 78 Votes
87 months ago
Be silent and seize my funds
Rating: 63 Votes
87 months ago

My hairdresser told me this morning she bought a 27 inch iMac yesterday from the local Apple Store. Unlucky :p

But this is good news :D Retina displays maybe?

Damn. She must be well gutted that she wont have that new Ivy Bridge goodness powering her facebook experience.
Rating: 29 Votes
87 months ago

Be silent and seize my funds

Being a non native english speaker it was a pretty funny moment when I realized what this refers to :D
Rating: 20 Votes
87 months ago

Just hope the Mac Mini will get some love too.. I still don't like the All-in-one throw-everything-away-when-one-part-breaks concept.

Had my iMac now for 6 years and nothing has broken. Much better than my PCs that ended up in the trash after 3.
Rating: 18 Votes
87 months ago

Mountain Lion isn't even available on a disc.

I hope they axe the Disc drive. Such a waste of space.

Drive might be a waste of space for some but for others it's important.
Tell me, what am i supposed to do with the drawers full of stock photography and clip art discs I have but don't need to access every day?

Storing them all on an external drive is not a worthwhile option. Why have to by a drive when they're already stored on good media? Store to the cloud, ya, right. Again pay for something I don't need and oh, yeah, not possible due to the licensing agreements.

People really need to think outside own their own small, selfish ideas and realize people use their computers for more than online games, messaging, and surfing the web. Does having that drive in the machine really bother you? if it does, there's therapy available for that.
Rating: 15 Votes
87 months ago
The end to the seemingly endless "I want iMac" threads is nigh.
Rating: 14 Votes
87 months ago

I hope they axe the Disc drive. Such a waste of space.

Yes, get rid of hardware that might be useful to some people, but don't cut the price for doing so Apple. What's important to us consumers is less utility & functionality and lower per-unit production costs for you. Apple profits are paramount. They must be maximized even at our own out-of-pocket expense. Maybe raise the price a few more hundred just so that we can gripe about the price increase and then stand in line to pay it anyway?

Now, once you take out that superdrive, if you can make the desktop device that "I" never carry anywhere a bit thinner, that benefit(?) (thinness) has also become massively important to us consumers. I stand around often bragging to my PC friends how my desktop is a bit thinner than theirs. They hate that and it makes me feel so good. After all, a slightly thinner desktop has huge utility in my day-to-day use of it. I can always make highly productive use of a few more millimeters of freed-up airspace above my desk.

While you're at it, could you also go to the trouble of engineering in a few more proprietary connectors (like that internal hard drive connector in the prior generation) and further reduce the options for connecting other hardware so that we can buy overpriced adapters and service only from you? You have that new thunderbolt-to-ethernet adapter, so why include an ethernet port in this iMac? You have that new thunderbolt-to-firewire connector, so why include firewire in this new iMac? Really Apple, we don't mind paying more for a bunch of accessories to make our existing stuff work rather than you continuing to build compatibility for stuff like ethernet and firewire right in.

I can hardly wait!

:rolleyes: (and I do own an iMac myself)
Rating: 13 Votes
87 months ago
I will believe this because I want it to be true.
Rating: 12 Votes
87 months ago

Removing the OD drive would help in several ways.

1. Thinner. (Not that it really matters with a product like this, but thinner is nicer)

The DVD drive is thinner than most other individual components, and doesn't actually impact the thickness of a machine like the iMac.

2. More space for other components

While true, Apple's not hurting for space enough for this to be a sole reason.

3. User-replaceable SSD/HDD?

This is a design decision by Apple that's irrelevant to the existence of the optical drive.

4. Lower price point.
5. Weight (i.e. less to ship, carry, etc.)

Just… no. The drive probably costs Apple less than a few dollars, and it only weighs a few ounces, imperceptible in a machine like this.

While I don't disagree that it's likely Apple will drop the optical drive (probably not this revision, though), those are not good reasons to expect it.

Rating: 12 Votes

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