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Apple Will Be Only Supplier of New Dock Connector Adapter

According to iLounge, Apple will be the "exclusive initial supplier" for the new Dock Connector Adapter that will allow the next-generation iPhone to be used with older 30-pin Dock Connectors. Apple will reportedly sell them for $10 each or three for $29. However, it's possible that Apple will allow third parties to build the adapter at a later date.

Additional sources have confirmed to iLounge that Apple will be the exclusive initial vendor of a new Dock Connector Adapter, to be sold individually and/or in three-packs. According to sources, the Dock Connector Adapters will sell for approximately $10 each or three for $29, with Apple-branded new USB cables selling for $19 each.
According to iLounge's source, Apple predicts it will sell 10 million adapters by the end of 2012, generating $100 million in revenue. It's likely that the adapters would have an extremely high profit margin and while this is a significant amount of money, it is but a drop in the bucket compared to Apple's total sales.

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92 months ago
Steve would have allowed this.
Rating: 71 Votes
92 months ago
Should be FREE in the box of a new iPhone 5.
Rating: 68 Votes
92 months ago
$1 off if you buy three! Thanks for the deal, Apple!
Rating: 67 Votes
92 months ago
Kind of outrageous - they should include the adapter for this first gen new connector and then sell it separately for the 5s next year - just like how the 1st gen iPhone came with a dock.
Rating: 42 Votes
92 months ago
$10 each or $29 for three.

Rating: 41 Votes
92 months ago
or you could go on ebay after couple of weeks and get 3 for dollar from china.
Rating: 33 Votes
92 months ago
then it should be free

If you aren't going to let people compete with you then your cost should reflect it by keeping them low/free. this should include adapters.
Rating: 32 Votes
92 months ago
Wow that $1 saving on purchase of three is fantastic!! Sign me up for a dozen 3-packs!!
Rating: 30 Votes
92 months ago

Too expensive.
Rating: 26 Votes
92 months ago
Not bad selling a cheap USB Cable with white covering and grey writing for $19. $18 profit per sale.

Can understand them wanting to keep the exclusivity on the new connector though. Don't agree with it but can understand it.
Rating: 12 Votes

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