NewImageA couple weeks after dropping the price of the iPhone 4S to $149, Sprint has further slashed the price to $49 after a mail-in rebate for a $100 American Express gift card. Apple will price-match Sprint's offer, giving buyers in retail stores a $100 Apple Store gift card. All these purchases require agreeing to a new two-year contract.

This may be the lowest price for the iPhone 4S yet in the U.S., less than a month ahead of the rumored launch of the next iPhone. Sprint is being particularly aggressive moving the soon-to-be out-of-date iPhones -- perhaps because Sprint has "bet the company" on the iPhone, agreeing to pre-purchase agreements for millions of iPhones.

Update: Sprint has reached out to MacRumors with clarification on the promotion. The ad is an online web special, for new customers only, and is in place for all smartphones, not just the iPhone. The promotion is in place to drive traffic and purchases through Sprint's website.

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Radio Avatar
123 months ago
I don't get why people buy a $50 phone over a $199 phone. You're locked in for 2 years. Get the best phone! That's barely over $8 a month for the newer phone.

The truth is your paying close to $2000 for that cellphone for 2 years.
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applesith Avatar
123 months ago
Yeah, but it's on Sprint's network. That's the gotcha part.
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Dur Avatar
123 months ago
I ate at Applebee's in 2008 and didn't like it. I went back this year for the first time and liked it. Guess what? Things change! :eek:

If I didn't have a company provided iPhone on AT&T's network I would have an iPhone on the Sprint network right now.

- Joe

Why would you choose the 4S on sprint over AT&T? The 4S operates much faster on AT&T than on sprint.
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monaarts Avatar
123 months ago
I used Sprint for a year in 2008. Never going back.

I ate at Applebee's in 2008 and didn't like it. I went back this year for the first time and liked it. Guess what? Things change! :eek:

If I didn't have a company provided iPhone on AT&T's network I would have an iPhone on the Sprint network right now.

- Joe
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dukebound85 Avatar
123 months ago
that is a little tempting

Did they also change the price of the non-contract one? I wonder if the gsm carriers dropp the non contract price as well
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