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Leaked Photos of the 'iPhone 5' Logic Board

French site points to two new photos originally posted to Chinese forum Weiphone. The photos appear to be the front and back of the next generation iPhone logic board which houses the processor and other support chips for the device. The board is distinct from both the Apple's iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 logic boards.

Nowhereelse notes that the screw holes of the logic board lines up exactly with those of the previously leaked shells The site even created this animated GIF which shows how the holes line up. The image appears to be mirrored, presumably for clarity.

We've seen a larger number of part leaks for the next generation iPhone, but this is not a new phenomenon. Last year, we saw many parts for what would become the iPhone 4S, including its logic board revealing an A5 processor. This leak is somewhat less revealing as much of the shielding remains in place.

The increased number of part leaks likely corresponds to the belief that Apple is already ramping up production of the next generation iPhone. Apple is expected to launch the new iPhone on September 12th.

Update: The same forum poster posted early photos of the iPhone 4S logic boards last year.

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95 months ago

And we're still calling it the iPhone 5 huh?

And the broken record says what?
Rating: 66 Votes
95 months ago

The frequency of "Leaks" has me thinking that a part of this must involve Apple. There's simply too many, and Apple is too powerful, especially over their suppliers to allow this to continue.

As I see it there are a few possibilities.

1) Apple is orchestrating the leaks "from suppliers".

2) The suppliers have tested the waters and found Apple "looking the other way".

3) Apple's long time advocates in the industry, or the writers like Walt Mossberg, David Pogue, et al, that were the anointed ones by Steve Jobs during the early days, then continuing till Steves passing, are the ones behind some of this.

#4. Apple is ramping up production of hundreds of thousands of iPhone 5s in preparation of the launch next month... some parts are going to slip out.

Rating: 63 Votes
95 months ago

Yup. The people on this forum seem largely incapable of counting to 6 and realizing this is the 6TH GENERATION iPHONE

So I suppose everyone[including Apple] who called the iPhone 4S the.. Well.. iPhone 4S were wrong when it was clearly the iPhone 5?

//People who can't accept that names don't have to follow numerical order.
Rating: 29 Votes
95 months ago
Can we really trust the French?
Rating: 28 Votes
95 months ago

Tim Cook: Apple will 'double down' on product secrecy.

Tim Cook's quote was taken out of context. He was actually ordering a double down from KFC.

Rating: 27 Votes
95 months ago
And we're still calling it the iPhone 5 huh?
Rating: 26 Votes
95 months ago

Doubling down baby,

Rating: 22 Votes
95 months ago

And we're still calling it the iPhone 5 huh?

Actually, now we're calling it the 'iPhone 5' (in quotes).
Rating: 21 Votes
95 months ago
Take off the skirt!

Let's take off the skirt and see what lurks inside!
Rating: 19 Votes
95 months ago
Tim Cook: Apple will 'double down' on product secrecy.
Rating: 18 Votes

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