NewImageRadio Shack has begun offering "refreshed" and "remanufactured" iPhone 4 and 4S models for a significant discount. The iPhone 4S is available from Radio Shack on AT&T and Verizon starting for $99.99 with a two-year contract, and the iPhone 4 on the same carriers for free.

According to Radio Shack:

Refreshed phones are models that have been restored and repackaged internally (no full warranty), while remanufactured are used phones provided from a third party that have been remanufactured with a new warranty.

Those looking for an iPhone 4S will be able to purchase a refreshed or remanufactured model on AT&T for $99.99 (iPhone 4S 16GB) and $149.99 (iPhone 4S 32 GB). Verizon models of the iPhone 4S are available for $99.99 (iPhone 4S 16 GB), $199.99 (iPhone 4S 32 GB) and $299.99 (iPhone 4S 64 GB).

Additionally, users buying phones on Verizon also receive a $50 Radio Shack gift card.

Radio Shack has been fairly active offering special promotions and deals for the iPhone and iPad.

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Agent OrangeZ Avatar
142 months ago
These are "refreshed" by someone at Radioshack and are exempt from Genius Bar support at the Apple Store. No thanks.
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newdeal Avatar
142 months ago
99 bucks doesn't seem like a deal it's the 2 year commitment that costs the real money.
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deannnnn Avatar
142 months ago
I don't trust Radio Shack to remanufacture an iPhone. I don't even trust Radio Shack to remanufacture a radio. Thanks for that mini-pin cable I bought for my car 8 years ago though.
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thelink Avatar
142 months ago
I just want the iPhone 5! Bring it on apple!!!! :apple:
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