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Next-Generation iPhone with LTE, NFC, and 1 GB RAM Reportedly Still in Engineering Testing

Disputing a report from last weekend claiming that Apple has begun production on the next-generation iPhone, BGR now claims that the device is still in engineering testing and has yet to enter production.
Apple goes through multiple stages before a product is manufactured, and two of these include the “engineering verification test” stage and the “design verification test” phase. Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone is currently in the EVT3 stage, the third revision of the engineering test stage, and has not yet entered the DVT stage.

Claimed front panel from next-generation white iPhone

The report also claims to have confirmed several hardware details on the forthcoming iPhone, including the unsurprising inclusion of LTE connectivity, a bump to 1 GB of RAM from the 512 MB found in the iPhone 4S, and near field communication (NFC) technology that could significantly enhance the utility of Apple's Passbook app for iOS 6 unveiled last month.

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73 months ago

What happened to the down vote button?:confused:
Rating: 33 Votes
73 months ago
Does it seriously need to be said? BGR is almost as unreliable as Digitimes. They've consistently been wrong about everything in the past 18 months.
Rating: 17 Votes
73 months ago
Does it need to be said? Yes.

Rating: 16 Votes
73 months ago
With every leaked iPhone 5 front-panel photo I somehow like the new wider design more and more. :)
Rating: 15 Votes
73 months ago
With NFC, Apple will literally allow you to shut up, while they take your money. ;)
Rating: 12 Votes
73 months ago
BGR is, as always, clueless.
Rating: 11 Votes
73 months ago

1GB of RAM would be weak, they should just suck it up and include 2GB.

2gb of RAM is for the iphone 5s :p
Rating: 8 Votes
73 months ago

People need to stop complaining about RAM.

The "needed" amount of RAM is heavily dependent on the OS you're running. You can't compare iOS to Android.

Apple always tweaks their OS's (OSX anyone?) to provide a good experience with less RAM, compared to their competition (Windows). This allows for higher profit margins, and the ability to offer their customers a good experience. Smart move, if you ask me.

Simply put, an iPhone 5 w/ 1GB RAM could run as well, or faster, than an Android phone with 2GB RAM.

Just look at the Galaxy S3's International version vs US version. International: 1GB RAM / Quad Core processor vs US: 2GB RAM / Dual Core processor. They both run buttery smooth.

Apple has already demonstrated that they would put too little RAM in iOS devices.

The iPad 1 came out with a pathetic 256MB of RAM and now won't get iOS 6.

It is unacceptable that one would spend 1K in a device only to see it obsoleted in just 2 years.
Rating: 8 Votes
73 months ago
The stretched 4S is still ugly.
Rating: 8 Votes
73 months ago

What happened to the down vote button?:confused:

No idea, but they really need to bring it back because having just an up-vote button makes about as much sense as having just a down-vote button. Either have a full voting system or no voting system at all
Rating: 8 Votes

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