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Apple Rolling Out Email Addresses with iOS 6 Beta 3

With today's release of iOS 6 Beta 3 to developers, Apple has revealed in the update's change log that it is beginning the first stages of transitioning users from the email addresses and Apple IDs available under MobileMe to new addresses using email addresses are now available for iCloud mail users. Users signing up for new Apple IDs, or enabling Mail on their iCloud account for the first time, will automatically receive an email address instead of a email address. iCloud users with addresses that have been used with iOS 6 beta 3 will receive an email address that matches their address.
Apple discontinued MobileMe in favor of iCloud as of June 30, although MobileMe users are still able to transition their accounts to iCloud for a limited time.

MobileMe and its addresses were themselves transitioned in 2008 from addresses available under Apple's previous iTools and .Mac services, with MobileMe users able to send and receive email from and versions of their addresses using either account.

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93 months ago
Personally I prefer, it's nice and short
Rating: 62 Votes
93 months ago

Personally I prefer, it's nice and short

prefer myself. Badge of a veteran.
Rating: 38 Votes
93 months ago
So they've traded the two-character "me" domain for one three times as long?

Rating: 37 Votes
93 months ago
I like the @me address also.

The service is "iCloud", but I'm still "me".

I thought the "@me" address was very Apple. It sent the message that "We know you're not a corporation or a part of us, you're you."

I hope they keep the "@me" around.
Rating: 33 Votes
93 months ago
They both sound dumb to me...

I don't want to say my email is or even

I wish they had stuck with
Rating: 25 Votes
93 months ago ?? GROSS.

There is no reason for this. iCloud is a behind-the-scenes service. Should just stick with the shorter, elegant,
Rating: 23 Votes
93 months ago
Quit ****ing with my email, Apple! Just leave it alone! Work on other more important ****!

All the addresses should be @mac, which was the best and simplest (or, as a second choice, @apple). @me was stupid, @icloud is stupid and this whole thing of changing everybody's address every few years is stupid.
Rating: 22 Votes
93 months ago
Great! But when do we get the option to merge .mac and .me IDs with an iCloud account?
Rating: 21 Votes
93 months ago
As long as they allow me to keep my <user> emails I don't care. I don't think I'd ever use a <user> email address.
Rating: 19 Votes
93 months ago
But if someone sends a message to my email address, will it also be sent to the address? :confused:
Rating: 16 Votes

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