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Resubscribe Now Close Email Addresses Now Working [For Some]

If you are a .Mac subscriber, Apple appears to have activated the corresponding email addresses. If your email address was previously, you can now use and emails should arrive in your .Mac mailbox. In the near future, Apple will be migrating all the email services over to, but users will be able to keep their email addresses:

Yes. In addition to your email address, you will also get an address at with the same username when MobileMe is available. For example, if your current email is, you will get You can send from whichever address you choose. The choice is yours. You will still receive email sent to your address so you wont miss any emails.

Apple has also published Frequently Asked Questions about the .Mac to MobileMe transition.

The transition is part of Apple's shift to MobileMe, a new web-based service that offers "desktop class" email, calendar and address book functionality. MobileMe is set to officially launch in early July.

Update: At least one user said theirs is not yet working, but it is working for several others. It may take some time for the changes to propagate.