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Apple Seeds Golden Master of OS X Mountain Lion to Developers

"200 New Features" Mountain Lion slide shown at WWDC

Apple released the Golden Master (GM) version of OS X Mountain Lion to developers today. The "golden master" designation indicates that this version of the software is intended to be the final version released to the public, barring any last-minute issues. The Build is 12A269.

Apple first previewed Mountain Lion in February, highlighting many features already present in iOS, including Messages, Reminders, Notes, Notification Center, Game Center and more at that time. At WWDC, Apple announced additional features, including Dictation, iCloud Tabs, and 'Power Nap'.

We previously highlighted this video which shows off many of the new features found in Mountain Lion:

Mountain Lion will be priced at $19.99 and released to the Mac App Store in July.

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93 months ago

Can anyone give me a download link please?

not sure whats worse
a) not knowing how to obtain things illegally on net in 2012
b) asking for help to do it on a forum thats so against it
Rating: 72 Votes
93 months ago

[SIZE="4"]I'm honestly not that excited about this upgrade. Nothing exciting has really come out since Tiger or Leopard in my opinion. Most of these new features will be used for like 5 minutes by the mainstream user because they're just not that important (i.e. Reminders). And they also end up taking up more precious RAM & most importantly, battery life (on a laptop). Can someone name something that is really that ground breaking in this release? It just seems like things were reorganized & tweaked a bit.

I've been in the Apple game since 1985, so I know a good Apple product when I see it. I'm not saying this is bad, but it's just not that amazing. Maybe OS 11 will be exciting?

Please type larger next time.
Rating: 61 Votes
93 months ago

Can anyone give me a download link please? (
That's a good place to start. Have fun. :)
Rating: 26 Votes
93 months ago
Bye bye Lion

Seems like we hardly got to know each other :o
Rating: 24 Votes
93 months ago

Just released, 10.8 GM build.

Downloading as I type….
Rating: 22 Votes
93 months ago
Nice vid. I wish this guy could give me a 2 minute summary of everything my wife says in a week. :cool:
Rating: 20 Votes
93 months ago
A reminder on how to make your own USB copy. Requires a 8GB+ USB drive

*Download the installer from the app store.

*Right-click installer -> "Show Package Contents"

*Contents -> Shared Support -> InstallESD.dmg (open it/mount it)

*Open the terminal and copy this command:

open /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/BaseSystem.dmg

*Now open Diskutility and "restore" BaseSystem.dmg to your USB drive.


[Changing partition table to GUID]

[Restoring the DMG]

*Now open your newly restored USB drive

*System -> Installation

*Delete the link called "Packages" and then create a new folder with the same name

*Open the terminal again and copy this to it:

open /Volumes/Mac\ OS\ X\ Install\ ESD/Packages

*Copy everything in this folder to the "Packages" folder you created on your USB.

**Note this stage might take a while**

Hurray you now have a working installer.


A note:

This guide may seem different to others you have seen but it works better:

*The standard installer will copy the installation DMG to your hard drive and then re-run the installation using that. i.e you are needlessly running the install twice. My way doesn't do that.

*This installer allows you to clean install
Rating: 20 Votes
93 months ago

I wasn't aware it was illegal to ask for a download link to Beta software. I'm new to Apple.

I don't know what worse;
1) Acting like a pompous old fool on the internet
2) Trying to gain internet-cred

It's illegal because the only people who are legally allowed to download the software are the ones who pay Apple for development privileges.
Rating: 17 Votes
93 months ago
Yup, reported this just a while ago. :)


Um, why the downvotes? I actually was the one that reported this in the forums, not that it matters, I was agreeing with user Peace :) ?

The mod's merged our threads, which is why my comment is here and out of its original place. The timeline/frame of our comments is off because of this merge.

Update: Thanks guys, appreciate the votes, not that it matters as it's all rather silly but after my comment update it's nice to know some made a point to vote. :)

Ok, no more "Dr Phil" channeling.
Rating: 16 Votes
93 months ago
I might be silly.... but I'm willing to pay the $19.99 just to get expose "back".

....and I people told me I should move on and accept that exposé was a thing of the past. ;)
Rating: 16 Votes

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