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Foxconn Recruiter Claims Hiring Spree Boosting Production for June iPhone 5 Launch

Mac Otakara points to a news report [Google translation] from TV Tokyo's World Business Satellite in which a Foxconn recruiter claims that the company is hiring 18,000 new workers to support production of the iPhone 5. According to the recruiter, the device is planned to launch in June.

TV Tokyo reporter talking to Foxconn reporter

The exchange took place at Foxconn's plant in the suburbs of Taiyuan, China, where 80,000 workers are already employed. The brief clip of the reporter talking to the Foxconn recruiter appears just over seven minutes into the news segment.

It appears unlikely that a recruiter would be specifically provided with information on Apple's device launch plans, although knowing something of Foxconn's hiring goals and targeted job needs could offer them insight into the production roadmap.

While there have been a few reports indicating that Apple could return to its mid-year launch timeframe with the next-generation iPhone, many observers believe that an interval of just 8-9 months from the iPhone 4S debut is too short for Apple's liking and development cycle. Consequently, a repeat of the later September-October timeframe as occurred last year has been seen as the most likely scenario for a 2012 iPhone launch.

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64 months ago
The hiring spree is to make up the hours lost that they were forced to cut from workers over-time.
Rating: 28 Votes
64 months ago
a June release would be nice.
Rating: 25 Votes
64 months ago
Shouldn't it be the "new iPhone"?
Rating: 23 Votes
64 months ago
Easy Rumor Bust

Its simple, if a iOS 6 beta gets released sometime this month to the public, then the next gen iPhone could be expected at WWDC.

If iOS 6 is released at WWDC or around that time, then expect the fall release.

Apple not Foxconn will signal when the next iPhone will launch.
Rating: 20 Votes
64 months ago
June! June! June! June!

I have no information to support this. I just hope it's true! :D
Rating: 16 Votes
64 months ago

they need to launch the 5 w/ LTE already

after the lukewarm update that was the 4S

June would push them even further ahead of the competition

The lukewarm update that achieved record sales? ;)
Rating: 14 Votes
64 months ago
How can the iPhone 5 "launch in June" when no major changes (in design or hardware-wise) have been leaked yet?
Rating: 13 Votes
64 months ago
Foxconn's numbers are just crazy. 80000 in one location, then "quick, go hire 18000 more."
Rating: 11 Votes
64 months ago
FYI to all the dreamers of a June iPhone release...

Apple releases a new iOS beta at least 2.5 months prior to a new iPhone release (last year's was 4 months). So once Apple has an event to showcase the iOS 6 beta, we can start a countdown. Either way, if we don't see an event by the next couple weeks - you could bet Apple won't release anything in June.

Also, Apple's gone back to its roots with WWDC (a June event) being a software event. Then releasing iPhone's in Fall to be ready for the Holiday season. AKA like when Apple did software in June, then iPods in Fall (circa 2003-2007).
Rating: 6 Votes
64 months ago

IOS upgrades just to put a camera access button on the lock screen, i mean come on...

At least the iPhone gets upgraded! Look at all of the Android handsets out there still running Gingerbread, when Ice Cream Sandwhich has been out since last fall!
Rating: 6 Votes

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