iTunes Movie Trailers App Updated for iPad Retina Display

Apple has updated their iTunes Movie Trailers App with support for the new iPad's Retina Display. The trailers app mirrors the content on Apple's own Movie Trailers site and offers a good showcase of the iPad's new screen.

Here's a screen capture from Pixar's upcoming movie Brave does show a lot of detail, though it's hard to say exactly which resolution Apple is streaming.

Screenshot from Brave trailer. Click for full size.

The app works on both Wi-Fi and LTE, though if you use LTE, you may find yourself using all of your LTE bandwidth allotment rather quickly. [Direct Link]

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103 months ago
It's not Apple it's the movie studios.
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103 months ago
I exported the raw of the trailers from the app through hdmi.

I tested 12 different trailers from all over the app.

All are 1080p high profile .264 5.1 with a bit rate of 4-7Mb/sec

The only difference I can find between the app and the downloadable trailers on apple's site is a rather large color adjustment. Not saying one is better than the other, but there is consistently a difference.

To confirm, they are all 1080p and the same quality as any other Apple trailer online/Apple TV 3 etc.
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103 months ago

Trailers for what? There's hardly any decent HD movies on iTunes anyway. 720p or 1080p. I've just started buying BluRay disks again coz the HD content available on iTunes is so limited.

Considering the example in the post is for Brave, the answer obviously isn't "just iTunes movies". It's all movies.
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103 months ago

EDIT: Just tried to download the app. Not available in the UK. Pity.

yeah this is stupid, I can watch trailers on my Apple TV, I can go to and watch and download them, but I'm not allowed the Trailers App outside the US?

What does it have that we're not allowed to see in the UK or anywhere else in the world for that matter?
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103 months ago

It doesn't look like its streaming properly. The graphics and artwork look amazing, and the trailers look incredible for ~5seconds -- then the screen flickers to black and it switches over to a very low quality stream. I tried 8 trailers and they all did the exact same thing.

I'm on my home WIFI, and speed shows I'm getting 21mbps down right now, So I dont think that is the problem.

That *is* the problem. Same thing happened to me, you can watch what happens - watch the bar showing where the play is at, you can see it buffer ahead, and then eat that buffer, and then it switches. You can turn that off and make it pause to buffer instead, the settings are in the general iPad Settings app.

I don't understand what you're saying.

The article states that they have updated the "iTunes Movie Trailers App".

What he's saying is, Pixar's "Brave" is a movie coming out this summer in theaters, it is not on iTunes. So the fact that this article is showing a screenshot of the new app showing a movie that's not on iTunes, means it's not an app just for showing movies that are available in HD on iTunes, but all movie trailers.
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103 months ago
I don't know what it is about this app, but when I load it up, I can't stop watching stuff.
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103 months ago

It only says

But does that mean only the interface elements have been updated, or that we're now getting trailers streamed at full HD quality (1920x1080)? It's unclear from the description.

Here's a comparison. It looks pretty good. Not sure its 1080p though. hair looks different

iPad stream:
1080p download:
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103 months ago
Still not available in Germany. What the F Apple !? :(
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103 months ago
It is great that there are these showcase apps for the new iPad, but it would have been nice if developers had been given more time with the new tools before launch. Thee would have been a lot more apps ready for the device.

EDIT: Just tried to download the app. Not available in the UK. Pity.
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103 months ago

Great idea, i'll create a whole new account, repurchase every one of my apps, so i can download a trailers app.

my point was that i can view these trailers on apples site, and my apple tv using my UK account, i just don't understand why they don't make this app available to us too? I'm not that fussed about getting it, i just find it odd.

What a stupid post. I live in Canada, and I've also opened a US account so I can have those few apps that aren't available here- including the trailers app. You can easily open a US account wherever you are, Google it, you don't need payment info or anything, especially for free apps. Repurchase your apps? WTF are you talking about? Yes, you need to sign in and out of both store accounts to update apps on both, etc, but its a small price to pay.
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