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Intel Delaying Mass Availability of Ivy Bridge Processors Until 'After June'?

Digitimes reports that Intel has apparently begun informing partners that mass availability of its forthcoming Ivy Bridge processors will be delayed until "after June". Intel is said to be sticking to its initial schedule calling for an April introduction of Ivy Bridge, but only very limited supplies of the chips will be available at that time.
Intel recently notified its partners about plans to postpone mass shipments of its upcoming Ivy Bridge processors. Despite that the company will still announce the new products and ship a small volume of the processors in early April, mass shipments are not expected to occur until after June, according to sources from notebook players.
The report suggests that the delay may simply be due to Intel holding off in order to draw down both its own oversupply of current Sandy Bridge processors and its partners' PC stocks that have been selling more slowly than anticipated as consumers continue to hold off on new computer purchases.

Many Apple fans are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Ivy Bridge, as it has been pegged as the processor family to be used in the next updates of most of Apple's Macs.

Apple is rumored to be planning for Ivy Bridge to usher in a revamped MacBook Pro that will take a number of design cues from the MacBook Air and perhaps even see a merger of the two lines. While observers have been hoping that such an update could come as soon as April with the Ivy Bridge timeline, it is now unclear whether the chips will be available in sufficient supplies for Apple to update the MacBook Pro within that timeframe.

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79 months ago
It's possible that Intel and Apple have worked out an exclusivity agreement for the first batch of chips...
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79 months ago
Rating: 30 Votes
79 months ago
So they are delaying because the people willing to buy are waiting for the new CPU's and not buying the old ones.

Sounds like a solid plan.
Rating: 21 Votes
79 months ago
And this is why a strong AMD CPU actually matters :(, i'm guessing we will begin to see longer times between ticks/tocks until AMD has a chance to catch up or someone else emerges.
Rating: 13 Votes
79 months ago
First Sandy Bridge Xeons and now Ivy Bridge... Intel needs to hurry up and get back on track!
Rating: 11 Votes
79 months ago
I don't think Intel has ever actually released a processor on time.
Rating: 10 Votes
79 months ago

that would piss off other guys even more. End of the day Apple is not threat of leaving intel and going AMD. The other guys that is a real and viable threat as they already produce AMD power things. It would mean they would up their order of AMD CPUs and start cutting back on Intel. Apple does not really have any tools it can use against Intel. On top of that Apple has earned a reputation not to be trusted at all so Apple really does not have any tools to force such an agreement.

What do you mean? Apple already told Intel they need to fix their power consumption or they were going to lose Apple's business. Intel specifically said it was a wake up call for them.

It sure sounds like Apple has some sway with Intel to me.
Rating: 10 Votes
79 months ago

I hope my 4 year old MBP doesn't crap out before I can get a 2012 iMac...

Dude, I'm still limping on a 2004 PowerBook G4 (12"). I think you'll be fine. I will keep waiting Patiently for the next rev.
Rating: 10 Votes
79 months ago
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79 months ago
I stopped reading at "DigiTimes reports". They have no credibility in my book. So many of their reports turn out to be wrong, that's why.
Rating: 8 Votes

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