Amazon Hits Apple with New 'Three Kindles for the Price of an iPad' Commercial

With its prominent position in the smartphone and tablet markets, it's no surprise that Apple is a popular target in its competitors advertising as they seek to differentiate themselves from Apple even as they ride on the popularity of the company's brand and products. Samsung has been one of the most prominent users of this tactic lately with its series of ads showing Apple fans waiting in line for the next new product launch only to be wowed by the latest Samsung product being used by a passerby.

Back in 2010, Amazon took on the iPad with a Kindle ad touting its E Ink capabilities that provide superior viewing in direct sunlight. Amazon has now revived the original concept addressing readability in bright sunlight but augmenting it by promoting the Kindle's significantly lower pricing. The ad notes that customers can buy three Kindles for less than the price of an iPad, allowing everyone in the family to have their own device.
Man: Hey, excuse me. That's the new Kindle, isn't it? $79.

Woman: Best way to read, even in sunlight.

Man: Yeah, but I mean if you want to watch movies, or surf the Web...

Woman: I've got a Kindle Fire for that.

Man: Three Kindles. That's got to be expensive.

Woman: Not really. Together they're still less than that. (nods at man's iPad)
With the Kindle Fire priced at $199 and the basic ad-supported Kindle priced at $79, two Kindle Fires and a Kindle would cost a total of $477, below the iPad's $499 entry-level price. Apple has been rumored to be planning to continue offering the iPad 2 as a lower-cost option once the company introduces the iPad 3 early next month, but Apple almost certainly will not match or come close to the Kindle Fire's pricing given the significant differences between the two devices.

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104 months ago
Yeah, and I could buy like 3 Kia Rios for the price of a single Range Rover. That totally makes the Kia Rio a superior car, right you guys?
Rating: 86 Votes
104 months ago

On other news, three napkins are still less than one Kindle

Yeah, and I could buy like 3 Kia Rios for the price of a single Range Rover. That totally makes the Kia Rio a superior car, right you guys?

Let's be real guys ... you can't downplay the value proposition of getting 3 Kindles for the price of an iPad. I think Amazon is smart to play this angle since it puts some perspective on how much money you are really spending.
Rating: 48 Votes
104 months ago
Dennis Miller used to do a bit about buying things solely based on deals like 2-for-1:

"Hey folks, two of crap is still crap. If they really wanna screw you they'll give you three of these things."
Rating: 44 Votes
104 months ago
Pretty effective commercial honestly. I know how much better the iPad is on... well, on everything, but to the average consumer...
Rating: 44 Votes
104 months ago
On other news, three napkins are still less than one Kindle
Rating: 43 Votes
104 months ago
This commercial made me want a Kindle (Fire)... Samsung's SB commercial made me want to burn their HQ to the ground with Fire.
Rating: 35 Votes
104 months ago
I think the point they're trying to convey is, value for money. Apple may put out higher quality products, but not all customers are willing to pay that much, especially in this economic climate.
Rating: 23 Votes
104 months ago
What they forgot is the sequel:

Man: Hey, I got the three Kindles...just like you! (digs around large bag) Got the $79 one because it's $79...(digs around again) the Kindle Touch because it's a touchscreen and 3G...hold on...(digs around again)...dammit, where is it?...Oh, here...and I got the Fire so I can watch movies and other...crap...I just dropped the other two. :(

Woman: Uh, yeah, that's why I got the iPad. All that crap in one easy to use tablet. And it's only $60 more than all three of those put together!

Man: :(:confused:

EDIT: Looks like I typed too long...Superken beat me too it.
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104 months ago
Well, kindle stuff is more specialized: an iPad can hardly beat the reading experience of an e-ink screen (at least with traditional books), especially given how bad ibooks performs (at least on my original ipad, very crashy).

But it still amazes me that they advertise this as: "hey, I have this other device for browsing and watching movies, and it costs about the same!"

to which the guy should reply: "Hey, so I pay about the same and carry all that functionality with me in a single device!"

For me it is obvious that if you want ebook reading, an ebook is a better choice. For multimedia, just get a "real" tablet. IMHO.

But yeah, nice "try"/marketing.
Rating: 21 Votes
104 months ago
Man, people love to make digs at Apple. So, I have to carry around three separate devices just in case I want to do something the iPad does? Oh, shewt, I could show you my portfolio, but I left my other tablet at home! Whatever helps them sell stuff I guess. Works for some, not for others. I know what my choice was.
Rating: 17 Votes

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