The Tribunale di Milano -- the Italian first-instance court for patent cases -- has denied a request by Samsung for a preliminary injunction banning the iPhone 4S in Italy over a patent dispute. A similar request was denied in France last month, and the Netherlands in October. The bans in Italy and France were initially requested in October.

Florian Mueller points out that both Apple and Samsung are not having any significant success asking for preliminary rulings, and instead both companies are "going to have to focus on regular, full-blown proceedings rather than the fast-track proceedings triggered by requests for preliminary injunctions."

The lawsuits in all three countries will continue for years, along with dozens of other lawsuits across the globe, but neither Apple nor Samsung appears close to winning any sort of a major decision.

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rmwebs Avatar
136 months ago
Finally, a lawsuit that isn't on page 1.
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blue22 Avatar
136 months ago
what a mess...

Either way you look at it, all these mobile patent lawsuits are just getting out of control.

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bassfingers Avatar
136 months ago
"Apple stole our ideas back"
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