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Unsurprisingly, Apple Will Not Release the iPad 3 at Macworld|iWorld

LoopInsight's Jim Dalrymple weighs in on the questionable rumor that Apple would introduce the iPad 3 at the 2012 Macworld|iWorld conference in January. Dalrymple says plainly:
I checked with a number of my sources today and an iPad 3 is not planned for release at Macworld. In case you’re wondering, an iPad 3 won’t be released at CES either.
He also goes on to say that Apple won't be releasing a new TV during each of those shows either. Dalrymple's information has been shown to be reliable in the past.

As we noted in the earlier article, Apple officially withdrew from Macworld in 2008, citing the diminishing importance of trade shows in their business. Digitimes' claim that Apple would again play a part in the show was met with pretty universal skepticism.

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99 months ago
Gee, what a surprise.

Apple got out the tradeshow rat race so A.) they wouldn't have to share the limelight with anyone else, and B.) they would have complete control over the timing, content, invitees, and venue of their announcements.

The original rumor made absolutely zero sense whatsoever.
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99 months ago
Breaking news: Also, unsurprisingly, Apple will not be announcing/releasing the iPad 3 in a private ceremony in my backyard on my birthday.

Nor will they announce it in your friend's parent's basement during that party they're throwing for New Year's Eve.

Also, Tim Cook will not be making the announcement in the nude.

~Source: unnamed macrumors forum analyst.

^^^ Get these rumors up on Page 1, pronto!
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99 months ago
I checked my sources before this article came out that they said exactly the same thing.

My sources were my own brain cells.....:D

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99 months ago
Digitimes exclusive:

Apple will reveal iPad 3 at event staged entirely by themselves, at some point.
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99 months ago

Maybe not nude, but I heard Tim Cook will release it whilst riding a dolphin. Could you please verify with your sources??

The dolphin WILL be nude.
It will be announced on Valentine's day.
It will be available in two colors: pink or red.
And rather than "iPad 3", it will be called "iPad <3".
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99 months ago

Maybe not nude, but I heard Tim Cook will release it whilst riding a dolphin. Could you please verify with your sources??

If I were Tim Cook and I read this, I'd be on the phone with Seaworld or any major dolphin park saying, "Can we make this happen?"

A tech announcement with a dolphin is so surreal, almost makes you want to see it just because of how surreal it is.
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99 months ago
For whatever reason I'm more interested in when the next Apple TV will be announced. It has no schedule.
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99 months ago
DigiTimes? LOL
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99 months ago
iPhone announcement

Oh well.

What I really want to know is whether or not Apple will announce iPhone 5 at Oracle Open World.
The timing is right: 10/1/2012 - 10/4/2012.

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99 months ago
Breaking: Digitimes reports...

Breaking News:
Digitimes reports that Steve Jobs' personal vehicle was actually a customized unicorn, according to sources at its supply chain partners.

When Steve Jobs explained his devices as "magical" during his keynotes, he actually was referring to the pixie dust sprinkled on the glass screens, although he kept the lion's share of the dust for his own personal use.

Apple officials declined to comment.
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