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Siri Experiencing Significant Outage

While Apple's new Siri personal assistant for the iPhone 4S experiencing a few hiccups in availability just after the device's launch last month, a new widespread outage appears to be the most significant one since those first few days. The Siri problems have been ongoing for at least three hours, with only intermittent service available over that time. In general, users have been faced with error messages in which Siri reports being unable to connect to the network.

Apple has labeled Siri as a beta service and is no doubt continuing to refine the technology and infrastructure behind the feature. Apple has rapidly rolled out the iPhone 4S to nearly 30 countries already with another 15 set to come online next week, although Siri currently offers support only in English (US, UK, and Australia), French, and German.

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99 months ago
"Siri, did I do something to make you mad at me?"

No response.

Great. Now I know why they gave Siri a woman's voice. Do I need to pick up flowers for my phone on my way home tonight? ;)
Rating: 28 Votes
99 months ago
Anyone else notice that the wrong apostrophe is used in "I'm"?
Rating: 26 Votes
99 months ago

So my iPhone 4S just turned into a iPhone 4. Thanks Apple.

I didn't know that not connecting to Siri's servers converted your A5 processor into an A4 and made your Camera worse..

Man! that Siri i tell you!! :rolleyes:
Rating: 23 Votes
99 months ago
Maybe it's just me being too critical but I'm not sure a company as large as Apple should be releasing a key feature on a phone in a beta stage of development. I mean they sold SIRI as a key selling point and a reason to buy the iPhone 5.. yet it's still in beta? Hmm..
Rating: 19 Votes
99 months ago
I wish that Apple would process all of the old Voice Control commands locally on the phone... leave all the fancy stuff in the cloud, but it shouldn't need to connect to a server to "Call Joe Smith"
Rating: 14 Votes
99 months ago
Simply stop asking Siri how the universe works.
Rating: 13 Votes
99 months ago
connection requirement

This just goes to show why its so stupid that you need to have a connection for Siri to do local tasks like set a reminder or send a text message.
Rating: 13 Votes
99 months ago
My bad. I asked her to figure out Pi. She's been working it a few hours now.
Rating: 12 Votes
99 months ago

Get over yourself. It's beta software. Beta software is not guaranteed to work without hiccups.

You also paid for Beta software, how's that make sense? I can't believe Apple got away with Siri being a MAJOR selling point of the 4s and then has the ease of calling it Beta so that any problem that comes up can be simply pushed aside as a beta issue.

Just doesn't make sense to me and I think people are kinda just being spoon fed pretty much BS by Apple....but just my opinion.
Rating: 8 Votes
99 months ago

It is a beta. Just go to the Siri page on and you'll see the beta tag.

You are absolutely correct, it is there. However, I noticed that on the main page the 4s is shown, no beta is shown. When you go to the 4s page, no beta is mentioned. Just on the Siri page. The main selling points I have seen for the 4s, Siri, camera, and processor. The average consumer is not going to be happy that he or she should expect two of the three to work.

As another person mentioned, there is a whole lot of people that don't know what a beta is.

I guess Apple could have used that when the iPhone 4 had the supposed antenna issues. The antenna is still in beta, so don't worry. It will be fixed in the final release...
Rating: 7 Votes

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