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No LTE or WiMax for New iPhone, Launch on October 14th?

Satellite TV truck outside Covent Garden retail store in London (Thanks, Connor)

The Wall Street Journal confirms the widely-held belief that the iPhone 4S/5 set to be introduced later tonight will not support the fastest current data networks built on LTE and WiMax technology. The news is not much of a surprise, but such last-minute reports by mainstream news outlets such as the Journal are frequently thought to be controlled leaks by Apple to help frame expectations for its upcoming announcements.
According to people familiar with the company’s plans, the hotly anticipated device won’t operate on long-term evolution or WiMAX fourth-generation networks. Those wireless networks promise speedier downloading to mobile devices of episodes of television programs, as well as cute baby photos.

The people said the device will work on 3G networks, which are broadly in use today and are the standard for the current iPhone 4. AT&T says its HSPA+ network has 4G-like speeds.
The specific mention of a lack of WiMAX compatibility would seem to put a significant damper on yesterday's highly questionable rumor that a redesigned iPhone 5 could in fact debut today as a WiMAX-capable device exclusive to Sprint until an LTE version comes out next year.

Covent Garden retail store transformed into theater for press simulcast of media event (via Matt Brian)

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac shares a couple of "uncorroborated" tips it has received claiming that the next iPhone will launch on October 14th and that the iPhone 4S could come in at $99/$199/$299 price points for 16 GB/32 GB/64 GB models. Such a pricing structure would likely mean that the 8 GB iPhone 4 reportedly set for introduction would be priced at $49 with an iPhone 3GS potentially available for free. All of the listed prices would be for on-contract devices.

October 14th has been rumored as a likely launch date based on vacation blackouts at Apple retail stores. The date would also match up with previous intervals between iPhone announcements and launches, as well as claims of a "mid-October" launch for the device.

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96 months ago
It's not about the hardware. It's about the biggest interface change since multitouch: talk to your phone.

"Let's talk iPhone"
Rating: 16 Votes
96 months ago
Apple trolls the media like a seasoned internet forum troll. Well done.
Rating: 8 Votes
96 months ago
I'm in Australia and I already know the results since I am from your future! I can't tell you however what happened or it will break the time / space continuation. Needless to say apple has a few surprises in store..
Rating: 5 Votes
96 months ago
So HSPA+ is still on the table?
Rating: 4 Votes
96 months ago
one things for sure Apple have definately bluffed this hand, the will they won't they produce a bigger screen iphone has definately intrigued the media, analysts, tech geeks, nerds and consumers and even the most die hard apple fans

like me lol well done apple. 1 things for sure media event today is going to be off the hook :-)
Rating: 4 Votes
96 months ago

I get the feeling that nobody is gonna be happy after this announcement. We might get the 5, but it won't be 4G.

I will be happy. i'm out of contract and my evo broke a few weeks ago. I need a phone for business purposes. This touch pro 2 isn't cutting it lol.
Rating: 4 Votes
96 months ago
I really hope they have something to spice this up.

It cannot be "just" a 4s with all this live cross continent streaming etc...

As a lot have said previously this is Tim's chance to really make his mark and show how Apple is going to proceed.

Either way I'm definitely looking forward to the live updates!
Rating: 4 Votes
96 months ago

This is exactly right. DON'T EXPECT IT TO BE HARDWARE FOCUSED. This is iOS 5 event with some updates to iPhone (4S).

This is totally backwards!

The WWDC event was about iOS5. We don't need two events in four months just to release a OS update.

June was about the Software. Today is a HARDWARE event with some updates to iOS5.
Rating: 4 Votes
96 months ago
I personally think we are getting to the point where the hardware isn't the issue - it's the software. Aside from screen size or LTE, what is going to distinguish platforms is the software. I am not interested in an iPhone with a huge screen because it won't be as 'pocketable" as the current models. And LTE is far more compelling in an iPad to me than a phone due to how I use a phone.

A faster/more powerful iPhone with similar dimensions (thinner is always good) is about as good as it gets right now. Better camera is nice, but that seems to be coming as well.
Rating: 3 Votes
96 months ago

I don't get why Apple would exclude LTE... it is suicide. I've got to iPhone 4 phones and love them, but wish a) they had better battery life, b) they had a bigger screen, and c) wish they had 4G speeds (or at least a fraction of the speed available on AT&T).
First thing you do when replacing a CEO that is as iconic as Steve Jobs is to hit a major product launch out of the park -- dispell any theories/rumors that the company can't go on without him.
If they fail to bring 4G to this phone, EVERYONE is going to question Tim Cook's leadership (and unfairly at that)...

If you want longer battery life, you really do not want LTE. The LTE equipped phones have dismal battery life.
Rating: 3 Votes

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