France Telecom CEO Suggests October 15th Launch Date for iPhone 5

stephane richardAs noted by Mac4Ever [Google translation], France Telecom CEO Stéphane Richard has reportedly claimed that the iPhone 5 appears set to debut on October 15th. It is unclear whether he has specific information on the release date or if he is simply basing his claim on circulating rumors of a mid-October launch, but as the top executive of a major iPhone partner Richard would be more likely to have accurate information than most.

If I believe what we heard, the iPhone 5 will be released on October 15.

Richard has a history of speaking rather openly about issues related to the carrier's business, including discussing Apple's desire to reduce the size of or eliminate SIM cards in its GSM-compatible devices, moving to a built-in "e-SIM". That idea has been opposed by carriers, and Apple has reportedly backed away from its e-SIM plans for at least the time being.

October 15th falls on a Saturday, which would be an unusual launch date for Apple, which prefers to launch its new iPhone models on Thursdays or Fridays. Consequently, some have suggested Friday, October 14th as the most likely date for a debut, although others have claimed that Apple could roll out the new hardware a week earlier on the 7th.

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troop231 Avatar
147 months ago
So whats it going to be? October 7th, 15th, 21st? Before you know it we will have November rumors. :rolleyes:
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Lone Deranger Avatar
147 months ago

Jobs: “Stéphane, this is Steve…”
Richard: “Aaah bon jour Le Steve, mon ami………”
Richard: “Sacré Blue!!!"
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xxgilxx Avatar
147 months ago
I need a phone within this month. Oh well, I'll just get a Galaxy S2. Sorry, Tim.

I only need oxigen, food and sleep. I can wait for a phone...
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chrisfromalbany Avatar
147 months ago
Now did he state if it was 2011 or 2012:eek:?
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applesith Avatar
147 months ago
Why are people that cant wait for the iPhone 5 switching to Android? Makes no sense.

Because they think Apple will read this and care, and then put the phone out early. He's gonna buy the iPhone 5. Just wants to stir the pot by saying he will jump ship if it's not out by day X.
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TheOrioles33 Avatar
147 months ago
I need a phone within this month. Oh well, I'll just get a Galaxy S2. Sorry, Tim.

Why are people that cant wait for the iPhone 5 switching to Android? Makes no sense.
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