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Apple Seeds New iTunes 10.5 and iWork for iOS Betas to Developers

Apple today seeded new builds of iTunes 10.5 and iWork for iOS to developers, continuing to push forward on work toward a full launch of the company's iCloud services. The releases include iTunes 10.5 beta 8 and iWork for iOS beta 3.

The new iTunes 10.5 build supersedes beta 7, which was released alongside iOS 5 beta 7 on August 31st, while the new iWork for iOS version is an update over the beta 2 version released on August 19th.

Both releases are being targeted to support Apple's iCloud services, which have been announced for release this fall. iCloud is widely expected to launch alongside iOS 5 and new iPhone and iPod hardware by the middle of next month.

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100 months ago

New in iOS 5 beta 8:

- hide/unhide native apps
- 4 new wallpapers
- copy/paste lyrics in Music app
- option to disable Spotlight Search; most likely in exchange for an upcoming new feature
- Newsstand 'Store' icon is live. Tapping on it takes you to iTunes Store then errors out
- Brightness is easily adjustable to 25%, 50% and 75% thanks to markings
- Photo Stream photos are finally deletable
- Select all / delete all option in Mail app
- Basic rules/filters in Mail app
- Send to groups in Mail app
- Set any song in Music app as Alarm Clock sound
- Block specific or non-Contacts or all incoming calls
- Password-protect any native app

Screenshots coming soon.

I know this is fake but...I mean...some really good ideas in there.
Like after reading this I'm suddenly dissappointed in iOS5
Rating: 11 Votes
100 months ago

Got to love the way some developers stick to their NDAs! Of course I realize this was an official press release:rolleyes:

I'm so tired of reading this comment in every post about betas.

You are on a website called that deals with rumors, leaks and pre-release info. I honestly cannot even comprehend why people come here to post comments like this, it's ridiculous.
Rating: 10 Votes
100 months ago
Come on Apple, ANNOUNCE!!!
Rating: 8 Votes
100 months ago
So Beta 8 of iTunes 10.5 is out, but unlike previous 10.5 betas, there's no iOS 5 beta to accompany this release. Definitely getting closer to the GM.
Rating: 5 Votes
100 months ago
OK, get this for a dumb post:

Please take all the time you need to get it done with as few bugs as humanly possible.

I would like iOS5 and, especially iCloud, to work right. Trusting a lot of stuff to an off-site storage system is a little scary.

Rating: 5 Votes
100 months ago
iOS 5 is getting closer!
Rating: 5 Votes
100 months ago

You might want to obscure your name and phone number on that screenshot.

and serial #.

Good GOD're gonna have the whole world calling you now!

Way to re-post his link. :rolleyes:
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100 months ago
I am convinced that the reason Apple is taking so much time and being so careful with next iPhone/iOS update is they don't want a repeat of MobileMe, even if it means delaying the launch!
Rating: 5 Votes
100 months ago

I would like to see iTunes get back to music only. If you think about it iTunes, which was for music now runs all the iPhone and iPad apps. It's too much clutter.

I agree. Now defunct iSync would've been a good vehicle for managing mobile devices.

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100 months ago

I would like to see iTunes get back to music only. If you think about it iTunes, which was for music now runs all the iPhone and iPad apps. It's too much clutter. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch need their own separate piece of software.

I know what you mean regarding the clutter, but some might argue that having four (or more, if you are talking about it not handling video) different pieces of software for what one can do now is more clutter, not less. I use iTunes for music, tv, and movie purchases/rentals, to organize my ripped movies and CDs as well as music downloaded from other sources, and to sling music and video around my house via AirPlay. I can't even imagine if all of the functions of iTunes were split into their own pieces of software.
Rating: 3 Votes

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