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Photo of Steve Jobs' Biography Cover, Back, and Some Details

Fortune's Philip Elmer-DeWitt contacted Walter Isaacson and got some more details on Steve Jobs' biography that is due on November 21st. The above cover is described by Isaacson:
"The cover," writes Isaacson in private e-mail, "is the Albert Watson portrait taken for Fortune in 2009. The back is a Norman Seeff portrait of him in the lotus position holding the original Macintosh, which ran in Rolling Stone in January 1984. The title font is Helvetica. It will look as you see it, with no words on the back cover."
Isaacson also clarified to Elmer-DeWitt the moving forward of the publication date was not due to any health concerns or decline. The book was mostly completed in June, and is now "all done and edited".

The publisher describes the biography as being based on more than forty interviews with Jobs conducted over two years. Meanwhile, hundreds of interviews were also conducted with family members, friends, adversaries, competitors, and colleagues.

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99 months ago
I wonder if they will release a second edition with smaller text so it is 10% thinner :D
Rating: 29 Votes
99 months ago
The MacRumors community seems to be so negative these days. It is a book cover, not the Mona Lisa. Lighten up people. Open a window, go for a bike ride, kiss your wife........
Rating: 17 Votes
99 months ago
Nerd Soft Porn.
Rating: 16 Votes
99 months ago
Nice that the cover follows the minimalist Jobsian aesthetic. Title set in Helvetica too. How very iOS...
Rating: 14 Votes
99 months ago
I wonder if Steve will take a 30% cut.
Rating: 11 Votes
99 months ago

...And I want a hard copy!

I wont be reading this on my iPad. I want the real thing!

Sorry Steve...

Rating: 9 Votes
99 months ago

Not many people on this earth that has changed as much as Jobs. That's something to admire and study.

Possibly mild hyperbole, but granted that he has been a remarkable and interesting person, whose accomplishment are worthy of study. That said, he can be all of that, and still an ***hole. They are not mutually exclusive.

It seems that any post that expresses anything less than drooling reverence is going to get lots of -1's. Jobs may be a genius, but he is not a god. Blind hero worship is kind of sad.

Admire him, respect him - but do not genuflect to anyone.
Rating: 8 Votes
99 months ago

This is one to get as a hardcover and save for future generations, going to an incredible read.

Please :rolleyes:

"Here you go kids, Steve Jobs a visionary creative business exec but a massive a**hole"

Still, there's a lesson to be taught there somewhere.

Not many people on this earth that has changed as much as Jobs. That's something to admire and study.
Rating: 6 Votes
99 months ago

What's wrong with asking for things to look good and be designed well? That book jacket is just plain uninspired.

I beg to differ with you. I think that book jacket is absolutely compelling and quite inspired, actually. Look at that front cover photo. Imagine you're walking into a bookstore and there on the front table with all the new books on display is this particular one. Don't you think that this cover is going to draw the curious reader right over to see what that book is, who that man is staring out so compellingly? Reaching for the book, looking at the photo more closely, the viewer may have trouble pulling his or her own eyes away, as Steve's eyes are very directly gazing out from that book jacket.......

The potential reader turns the book over to look at the back, and here again is another photo, this time of a much younger man, but quite clearly the same person, and this time a little more information is conveyed: the young man is holding a computer. Ah, OK.....

Both images are in stark black-and-white. Both images reflect Steve Jobs at different points in his astonishing career. Both images also manage to capture at least some of the essence of this intriguing man, hinting at so much more we don't see.....

I'd say this book jacket art is brilliantly inspired.
Rating: 6 Votes
99 months ago

For the cover I would have put Steve's trademark black turtle neck and blue jeans. They'd be spread out outward as If laying on the ground. No Steve just the clothes.

That wouldn't be creepy at all.
Rating: 6 Votes

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