TheRealDeal reports that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority has "quietly" released higher quality renderings of what Apple's Grand Central Terminal is expected to look like.

Lower quality versions of these images had been previously posted to the Wall Street Journal. The New York Times, however, commented about how tight lipped everyone involved had been about them.

After some effort, we found someone who let us see the renderings, as long as we didn’t say who it was, and didn’t share them with you.

It seems now that construction is underway, the MTA has determined that it can release these photos to the public.

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e-coli Avatar
154 months ago
It actually highlights the beauty of the terminal. What a breath of fresh air. This will be extremely popular with New Yorkers.
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dlastmango Avatar
154 months ago
Something is missing in these renderings???

Oh yeah... the hoards of people camped out at each MacBook. :rolleyes:

Cant wait for my trip to NYC this winter!
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levitynyc Avatar
154 months ago

Perfectly fits the environment.
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goobot Avatar
154 months ago
They forgot to add in people checking their Facebook status, playing with their dogs, and playing with photo booth like it is magic.
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brianbobcat Avatar
154 months ago

Deterred that it can release the pictures? Do you mean decided? lol

Or determined it can release the photos.
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domness Avatar
154 months ago
Wow, that actually looks rather fancy!
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