As noted by MacRumors reader pewra, Apple's new beta offers up some cute iCloud error messages:


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kirky29 Avatar
155 months ago
I like the Cookie one!
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lunarworks Avatar
155 months ago

I'm not sure, but I think a specific browser may have been left off of that list. Interesting, given that another specific one has been included.

How enemies change.
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Macdude2010 Avatar
155 months ago
Made a Quick wallpaper with them:
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ppc_michael Avatar
155 months ago
Aw, the Classic Mac face. I miss it.
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pewra Avatar
155 months ago
So what are the current browser requirements? Presumably, Safari 5.1, IE9, Firefox 5.0, and IE8 coming. What about Safari 5.0 for Leopard support, Safari 4.x or Firefox 3.6?
Via chpwn (!/chpwn/status/98163410746884097) supported browsers:
- Safari 4+
- Chrome
- Firefox 4+
- IE 8+
- Opera
- MobileSafari

Is there any way to get to the "sad cloud" page?

As a bonus, the original images:

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BWhaler Avatar
155 months ago
So why is the JavaScript one a nerd? I get the Java/coffee, but why the taped glasses. :p


Nah, just a too-cool-for-school hipster.
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