Lion Launches Tomorrow, July 20, On Mac App Store

In his introductory statement during the Q3 earnings call today, Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer disclosed that OS X Lion will be released on the Mac App Store tomorrow, July 20.

Promotional materials have already begun appearing in a few third-party retailers around the world, and Apple's own retail stores have received hard drives containing OS X Lion so that they can update their own machines.

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111 months ago
May God have mercy on their servers and the interwebs as a whole.
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111 months ago
finally! hope iWork gets its update tomorrow as well!
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111 months ago

America will be the 1st and the UK will be last thats how it always goes the UK gets stiffed always :mad:

Be nicer to your colonies next time.
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111 months ago
I'm surprised they announced it.
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111 months ago
Mac OS X Lion Not To Be Launched! NEVER

BREAKING NEWS: Mac OS X Lion Scrapped before Launch!!

Due to severe Windows Vista like problems Apple at the last minute decides to trash Mac OS X Lion and will release instead 4 new versions:

Mac OS X Hedgehog
Mac OS X Rat
Mac OS X Ferret
Mac OS X Guinea Pig

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111 months ago
Ready for my download

I, for one, am completely excited for the release and look forward to downloading it tomorrow. This has been such a sentimental month for me when it comes to Apple. From Final Cut X to downloadable system software, it feels just so 1999 to me.

It seems like only yesterday when I was ridiculed for ordering a "blue and white overpriced piece of crap" as my co-worker put it. The gall Apple had to release a "pro" series computer with no floppy drive. What could a user do with large (1.44Mb) files? Email them? And let's not forget USB. How ridiculous was it for Apple to use USB, an untested and expensive bus, for keyboards and mice. Speaking of "pro" applications, what about all the pro software that required a dongle to operate? No USB options there. And, duh, how could licensed software be validated without a floppy drive? Maybe Apple has never had the foresight to deal with Pro applications.

Even if the servers run slow tomorrow, or even stop working for a bit, I think that the concept of releasing a major software update via the web is just another example of Apple not moving ahead of the curve, but moving the whole effing curve.:)
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111 months ago
I don't get why everyone is so convinced this is going to be a disaster and slow down the entire internet. I for one doubt the average Mac user is champing at the bit to upgrade Lion on release day, considering the recent article about iPhone 4 owners thinking they have 4G. Most of them probably don't even know Lion is being released, or that it's an App Store-only purchase.
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111 months ago
Why are you guys looking in the Mac App Store?

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111 months ago the past, how reliable has this 'Oppenheimer' guy been with his predictions? :p
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111 months ago

im hitting f5 every sec now :P

get your pc out of here
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