New MacBook Airs Coming 'Late Next Week'

AllThingsD weighs in on the MacBook Air rumors that have been circulating the past few weeks. They claim that the long awaited MacBook Air will arrive "late next week" according to "several sources".
Several sources indicate that the company plans to uncrate the eagerly anticipated updates to its MacBook Air line late next week. “The rumor sites are off by a week,” one source said.
AllThingsD says to look for an announcement Thursday or Friday and that the new MacBook Airs will sport a Thunderbolt port, backlit keyboards, and 128GB and 256GB storage options.

As we pointed out before, Apple will have to release OS X Lion at the same time or before the new hardware releases. So, expect OS X Lion sometime next week as well.

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111 months ago
I predict that if they don't come next week someone will predict that they'll come out the week after that.
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111 months ago
Eventually someone will get it "right".
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111 months ago

I hate this BS, 3 times in a row now, I have heard "New MBA will be released next week, tomorrow, or another date." Not a single rumor about release date has been true for the new MBA so far!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It makes me really angry that Macrumors would post at the bottom of the article "so expect to see the MBA's late next week," based off of a ********** rumor!

And then people start stacking rumor upon rumor, until it seems like it is a fact.


MacRumors? I heard MacFacts ( was pretty good, but a bit slow on the uptake with news and all.
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111 months ago
I think all these new rumors are just like firing a shotgun from the hip. It's evident that the Lion and MBA release will happen very soon so anyone can say next week and it sounds reasonable. You don't have to be one of those "analysts" to make it believable.
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111 months ago

I wan't Mac Pro's announced

M'e To'o! So mu'ch so that Im puttin'g apo'strophes everywher'e! ;)
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111 months ago

I went private school, and my wife went public. We laugh at it now,but at first she felt embarrassed, about how much she didn't learn in the public schools that I was like... you don't know that? Which is why are children, when old enough, will more than likely go to a private or get home schooled. Most public schools are rubbish.

I don't comment much here, but this post is classic.
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111 months ago
July 31, 11:59:59
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111 months ago
and this will secure steady site traffic for MR till late next week, when they can post a "or maybe not" if necessary.

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111 months ago

So if it's still buggy how on earth are they going to patch the massive amount of mba units currently sitting packaged up ready to be sold. Then there are the mini's, macbooks and the pro's.

By provding software updates through the built in apple software update mechanism?
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111 months ago

Nothing to see here people, it's just another unsubstantiated rumor, obtained from a fourth-party, in order to drive traffic here and keep pace with other Apple enthusiast sites.

Enough with this already. :rolleyes:

My favourite is when the different sites cite each other as sources and build up new rumours on the back of other rumours.
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