Amazon to Introduce a 9" Android Tablet this Fall

According to the Wall Street Journal's sources, Amazon is planning to introduce a 9" tablet computer before October that will place it head-to-head against Apple's iPad.
The new tablet will intensify a growing clash between Amazon and Apple. The two tech-industry titans are already fighting for customers for their respective digital book, music and video businesses. Now Amazon will have a device that will compete closely against Apple's popular iPad, as well as other tablets such as Samsung Electronic Co.'s Galaxy Tab.
Amazon's tablet will use a 9-inch screen and run on Google's Android operating system. The device won't carry a camera like the iPad but will allow customers to watch videos, read eBooks and listen to music from Amazon. Meanwhile, Amazon will also be offering two updated versions of their popular Kindle e-reader around the same time. The report seemingly confirms a Digitimes story from June.

Apple's iPad continues to dominate the tablet market, but there have been rumors that Apple may be considering an iPad refresh as early as this fall which would place its release near Amazon's tablet launch. Amazon and Apple have become increasingly competitive over the years with recent disputes over the use of the "App Store" name.

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112 months ago
They should call it "Tablet" and complain that others are using the word tablet to describe their tablets.

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112 months ago
I think this actually makes more sense than other competitors.

Besides Apple, Amazon probably has the best collection of media under one roof to leverage on a device. You can buy music, movies, books, and apps from them -- all under your one Amazon account.

Can they do a decent job on software? We'll will see.
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112 months ago
Good! The more strong condenders in the market place, will hopfuly drive invovation and maintain "resonable" price points.
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112 months ago
This is a much bigger issue for other android tablet makers than it is for apple. Amazon could dominate the android tablet market because of their content delivery.
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112 months ago
And the Kindle app for iPhone STILL has a link to go around Apple to buy e-books.
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112 months ago
More tablets than phones these days.
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112 months ago
i think amazon is making a mistake, and i definitely do not plan to buy their tablet. love the company, hate the way they handle their technical support.

i bought a kindle dx last year. this is the large model that is the same size as the ipad and proposed tablet. there are many good things to say about it, and i remain pleased with its performance. but, what i am not pleased with is amazon's treatment of updates.

no software updates
i have not received a single software update in the year that i have had it. meanwhile, the 6 inch version has received multiple updates that have greatly enhanced its usability. the "premium" version is now very far behind. i still have no support for foreign languages, no page numbers, etc. there are simple hacks for the foreign languages, so it is technically an easy fix, but amazon won't do it. this is sad, but OK.

no straight answers
the problem is what happens when you contact amazon about it. in repeated emails i have asked IF they plan to update the kindle dx. i don't even care about the dates or the content. i just want to know what plans they have to support it. they refused to answer and only sent back polite, circumspect, non-committal emails. basically, you will know when we update it because we will tell you. we have passed on your concerns to the development team. lots of people have asked and been similarly ignored. you can easily see this on the internet and on discussion boards. lots of frustration out there with amazon's attitude.

who cares?
i think this is a big deal. i know when i buy an apple product that i will receive relatively frequent updates and improvements that will extend the life cycle of the device as long as is technically feasible. i still have the ipod first version and it is far more useful than it was when i first got it (copy and paste, for example, didn't exist). apple is truly impressive in its technical support for the products.

go in with low expectations
amazon has not impressed me one bit. i paid easily three times the cost of the 6 inch kindle, but i have received no technical support, and amazon refuses to tell me if i ever will. like i said, there are many things about the device to like still, and there is a hack to help me out, but one thing i learned is that amazon's back end support is unreliable.

apple is more reliable
in other words, if you buy a tablet from amazon, don't expect to ever get a straight answer about forthcoming plans, or an update to the software. if you are looking for an apple alternative, i say look elsewhere, because amazon hasn't figured it out yet.
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112 months ago
Oh brother.

Reported issues with the Amazon App Marketplace aside, such as mysteriously eating up resources (developer suspicions here (, I tend to lean toward MG Siegler's take ( that Apple has little to fear and Google stands the most to loose. Amazon could partner with Microsoft for Bing incorporation and thus avoid paying the dreaded "patent fee."

Microsoft should take the deal, since it appears charging Android device manufacturers more lucrative than selling Windows Phone 7 devices. :p
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112 months ago

Again, as long as it is priced right.

I'm hoping for a max MSRP of $295.

No way it will be $295 and have the same or similar specs to an ipad. The kindle DX is $379 and it is just a glorified e-reader.

Apple has and will have, for some time to come, the upper hand on price to feature ratio.

Heck didn't samsung or somebody have some tablets and didn't launch them because they couldn't compete with the iPad?
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112 months ago

A slut with a new dress on is still a slut.

mysoginistic and not even much of a contribution to the discussion :(
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