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Apple Allows Developers to Generate Promo Codes for Mac App Store

Apple is now allowing Mac developers to create promo codes for apps in the Mac App Store. Per MacStories:

You can now generate promo codes for your Mac apps in iTunes Connect. These promo codes can be redeemed in any Mac App Store worldwide. For each version of your app, you can request up to 50 promo codes.

Promo codes allows developers to give out free copies of their App Store apps for review and giveaway purposes. This feature has long been offered to iOS App Store developers.

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112 months ago

Of course. Give me ONE good reason why I have ask Apple what I'm allowed to do with my own product.

The phrase "Apple allows developers to..." alone makes me want to throw up.

Heh, you got replies, but sadly not a single good reason, as they were all pretty awful.
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