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iPhone Alarm Bug Still Causing Issues for Some Users

Reuters has been keeping on top of the iOS alarm clock bug that has seen users experiencing problems with alarms activating properly in the new year. Despite reassurances from Apple over the weekend that alarms would begin functioning properly today, a number of users have reportedly continued to experience problems today, the first day of work in 2011 for many people.

Some iPhone users across the globe complained of malfunctioning alarms on the first working day of 2011, even after Apple reassured users that its phones' built-in clocks will work from Monday.

Bloggers, as well as Facebook and Twitter users, complained they missed flights or were late to arrive at work as the alarm built into Apple's iPhone failed to go off for a third straight day for some users.

Apple has yet to offer an updated response to the issue today, and it is unclear why only some users are continuing to experience the bug, which affects non-recurring alarms.

The New Year's bug is not the first alarm-related issue to affect Apple's iOS devices. Last year, an issue related to Daylight Savings Time calculations affected recurring alarms beginning in Australia and New Zealand in late September and moving around the world as other countries either began or ended Daylight Savings Time. Apple addressed that specific bug with the release of iOS 4.2 in late November.