Verizon iPhone to Come After CES?

Businessweek reports that Apple is planning on introducing the Verizon iPhone sometime after CES 2011, according to a person familiar with Apple's plans. Businessweek speculates the anticipated event could come before Valentines day which falls on February 14th, but there's no clear indication how they came to that date.

The article debates how much of an impact a Verizon iPhone will have on AT&T's bottom line. The hassle of switching carriers as well as high early termination fees are cited as reasons that AT&T may not lose as many customers as some believe. AT&T has been hampered with coverage issues for some of its customers. Verizon is believed to be able to comfortably handle the sudden growth of iPhone users, according to one analyst.

Earlier today we discussed the possibility of hearing about a Verizon iPhone as early as CES next week, but it seems more likely that Apple will keep that announcement for themselves during an early 2011 media event.