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Adobe Audition for Mac Beta Now Available

Back in June, we pointed to a YouTube video appearing to show a Mac version of Adobe Audition, the company's professional audio editing software. Just a few weeks later, Adobe confirmed its plans to bring Audition to Mac OS X and noted that a public beta would be released in late 2010.

Adobe has followed through on that schedule with today's release of the public beta of Audition for Mac, now available through the Adobe Labs site.

Welcome to the public beta release of Adobe Audition for Mac. Adobe Audition for Mac brings modern audio post-production to the Mac platform. Familiar tools for audio editing, multitrack mixing and recording meet improved performance, greater workflow flexibility, and new features such as native 5.1 surround support and new effects. Plus, the best-of-breed audio sweetening and restoration tools in Audition make it easy to clean up production audio. With essential tools you can rely on for quick-completion projects, Audition for the Mac brings a fresh face to audio post-production.

The free beta will be functional throughout the beta testing period and requires a multi-core Intel processor and Mac OS X 10.5.7 or later. Adobe has also posted a discussion forum for Adobe Audition for Mac to allow beta testers to discuss and provide feedback on the beta software.