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Apple Adds Showtimes to Movie Trailer Site

Macworld reports that Apple has added listings of showtimes to its movie trailer site, offering a slick HTML5 interface that utilizes geo-location to find theaters in your area.

When you visit the page, your Web browser will ask to use your current location, after which it will display a small Google Map highlighting nearby theaters (you can also enter your own ZIP code or city and state).

Clicking on any of the theaters in the map (or on their entry in the list below the map) will show you a thumbnail grid of the posters for all the films playing at that location. You can even flip through multiple pages of theaters if the one you're looking for didn't show up in the top five. Hovering your cursor over any of the posters tells you when the next showing at that theater is.

Alternatively, clicking through the individual movies will bring up listings of theaters in the user's vicinity that are showing the film, along with showtimes highlighting showings with reduced pricing. Users can also click through to purchase tickets at participating theaters.