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Apple Brings ePub Export to Pages With iWork 9.0.4

Apple today released iWork 9.0.4, bringing a number of fixes to Apple's productivity suite but also deploying a new feature: the ability to export Pages documents in the ePub format for compatibility with the company's iBooks application for iOS.

Keynote 5.0.4
- Addresses an issue when printing handouts with rule lines.
- Fixes an issue with the slide switcher.
- Resolves an issue when automatically resizing some images while changing slide size.
- Fixes an issue with tables.

Pages 4.0.4
- Fixes an issue with tables.
- Includes compatibility with the standard ePub file format (for use with iBooks) when exporting.

Numbers 2.0.4
- Fixes an issue with tables.

Apple has also posted a support document offering advice on how to choose between ePub and PDF for a given document and outlining how to create an ePub file from a Pages document.