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Apple Takes on Droid X With Latest Smartphone Antenna Video

After its iPhone 4 press conference last week, Apple posted a new smartphone antenna performance page on its site highlighting how several other smartphones experience similar decreases of signal bars to that of the iPhone 4. The page initially featured phones from Research in Motion, HTC, and Samsung, as well as the iPhone 3GS. Earlier this week, Apple added the Nokia N97 mini to the page after that company publicly responded to Apple's claims of antenna issues with other smartphones.

Not content to stop there, Apple has posted yet another smartphone signal attenuation video to its feature page and YouTube site, this time targeting Motorola's just-released Droid X. The video shows the Droid X dropping from three signal bars to zero when gripped in the hand in a manner similar to the "death grip" frequently cited as inducing the issue on the iPhone 4.

The featuring of the Droid X is significant, as the device has been seen as the latest strong competitor for the iPhone. The Android-based phone has seen strong initial sales, with Motorola and Verizon struggling to keep up with demand. Apple is no doubt targeting the Droid X as it seeks to bolster its claims that the vast majority of smartphones, including many of the most popular ones, suffer from the same issue as the iPhone 4.