Aside from Signal Issue, Consumer Reports Rates iPhone 4 Highest Amongst All Smartphones

Earlier today, a Consumer Reports post made headlines after they concluded that they simply could not recommend the iPhone 4 due to the widely reported signal issues related to touching the lower-left corner of the device. This single issue alone has prevented them from fully recommending the iPhone 4. However, their formal testing otherwise revealed that the iPhone 4 ranked the highest amongst all smartphones in their testing.

AllThingsD (via LoopInsight) summarizes the report (subscription required).

The [iPhone 4] scored 76 out of 100 points -- two points ahead of its closest rivals, the iPhone 3Gs and the HTC Evo 4G.
The product evaluation agency rated the iPhone 4 "Excellent" in its display, navigation, Web browsing, multimedia and battery life categories, "Very Good" in phoning and messaging and "Good" in voice quality.

The iPhone 4 beat out the HTC Evo as well as all the other Smartphones and had the highest score of 76/100. The signal issue described is that holding the lower-left corner of the iPhone 4 can reduce cell phone signal and affect calls in areas with lower reception. The issue depends on your local coverage and can be alleviated with a phone case.

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