White iPhone 4 Manufacturing Delay; Some Black iPhone 4 Apple Pre-Orders Being Canceled

Problems seem to persist in the pre-ordering of iPhones that began on Tuesday.

Best Buy had actually accepted some pre-orders for White iPhones on Tuesday, June 15th. The White iPhone was otherwise unavailable at any other location. Today, we received word from one such customer that they were called by Best Buy explaining that they won't be able to fulfill their White preorder. According to the Best Buy representative, a manufacturing delay is preventing availability of the White iPhone 4 on launch day.

Separately, several readers are reporting that their (Black) iPhone 4 pre-orders from the online Apple Store have been inexplicably canceled.

I ordered one 32GB for my line and my wife got a 16GB on the 15th. Both from Apple. Both were successful with order acknowledgments and temporary holds on the card. Today the 16GB order shows cancelled. No email, no call, nothing, just a cancellation on the order status page.

Several others have had similar issues, finding their orders canceled. Some of the cancelations are being blamed on not accepting AT&T's terms and conditions, but the situation remains muddy.