Steve Jobs on AT&T Service Improvements and Possibilities of Multiple U.S. Carriers

During tonight's All Things D interview, Steve Jobs was questioned about AT&T service as well as the possibilities of multiple U.S. carriers. Not much new information was offered, though Jobs indicated a timeframe for service improvements.

On the possibility of multiple carriers in the U.S., Jobs remained tight-lipped:

Walt: Would there be advantages to having two [carriers] in the US?
Steve: There might be.
Walt: In the near future?
Steve: You know I can't comment on that.

And on the issue of service issues, Jobs said thing should improve by the end of the summer:

Q: Steve, we love our iPhones... but our concern is that we can't make a phone call on it. Is someone working on that?
A: Well, we're talking about it. You can bet we're doing everything we know how to do.
Q: Can we expect something soon?
A: I'm told that a lot of places are getting better certainly by the end of this summer.
Kara: And if they don't get better?
Steve: Then they won't.