Skype App Updated to Allow Voice Calls Over 3G

The Skype app for iPhone [App Store] has been updated to allow voice calls to be made over 3G data networks. Skype is a popular VOIP (voice over IP) application that allows users to make phone calls from their computer or mobile phone over a network connection. This avoids using up any allotment of "voice minutes" from cell phone providers. Instead, the calls are routed over the data network which are traditionally offered in an unlimited monthly block.

In the past, AT&T has restricted these applications to Wi-Fi networks only to avoid piggybacking on their 3G service. AT&T, however, changed their position on this back in January but it has taken this long for Skype to release an update that supports this feature.

Skype indicates that this feature is free until at least the end of August, but at that time a small monthly fee will be initiated. It's not clear how much they plan on charging.

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