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Apple Increases Support for Self-Publishing in iBookstore

While Apple may be struggling to sign up major publishers for international eBook distribution through its iBookstore, the company appears to be making things easier for independent authors without a publisher to have their work included in the store.

Mac|Life reports that Apple has rolled out a new portal for iTunes Connect that allows authors to self-publish their work in the iBookstore if it meets certain identification and format standards.

Book Content Requirements:
- ISBNs for all titles you intend to distribute
- You must be able to deliver your book content in EPUB format, passing EpubCheck 1.0.5.

A similar interface has been present in iTunes Connect for several months, but previously required submitters to have invitation codes from an iBookstore representative. Apple also continues to support authors working with approved third-party iBookstore aggregators who can help streamline the process for authors.

Apple notes that all authors signing up to work with Apple must have a U.S. tax ID and valid iTunes Store account with credit card on file. Apple also requires authors to meet certain minimum sales in individual markets before making payments to authors and recommends that authors weigh that factor before deciding whether to work directly with Apple or through a third-party aggregator.