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Apple Officially Ends 'Get a Mac' Campaign, Revamps 'Why You'll Love a Mac' Feature

Last month, actor Justin Long revealed that Apple's long-running "Get a Mac" ad campaign, in which he appeared as the "Mac" character, appeared to have been discontinued. The last set of "Get a Mac" commercials had been released in October 2009.

It now appears that Apple has finally pulled the "Get a Mac" campaign from its site, redirecting the page to an expanded "Why You'll Love a Mac" page highlighting five key marketing points for Macs in comparison to PCs: Better Hardware, Better Software, Better OS, Better Support, and It's Compatible.

Apple's extensive gallery of "Get a Mac" ads has also been removed from the site, with the URL similarly redirecting to the "Why You'll Love a Mac" page.

Apple's Mac television ad plans for the future remain unknown, as the revamped features currently offer no hint of a specific TV-focused campaign. While Apple has not aired any new Mac commercials since October, the success of the award-winning "Get a Mac" campaign suggests that Apple may be interested in continuing a television presence in some manner. In the meantime, the company continues to regularly release new iPhone commercials, and has begun ramping up iPad advertising.