Google Phone Rumors Continue to Gain Steam

Earlier this month, reports surfaced reviving claims that Google is in the process of developing its own smart phone based on its Android operating system. Gizmodo today follows up with new claims of Google phone prototypes running a new version of Android beginning to appear on Google's campus. The existence of the device is called a "certainty" by the report's source.

Over the next few weeks, Google Phones (most probably in early, prototype form) will flood the Mountain View campus. They'll don large LCDs while running a new version of Android -- either Flan or the version of Android beyond it -- which our source spotted running on Google's handset as well as a laptop. (Whatever the software was, it most certainly wasn't Chrome OS, we were assured.)

In another interesting tidbit, the "trusted source" claims that the Android operating system seen so far in such devices as the original T-Mobile G1 through to the new Motorola Droid is not the "real" Android. Exactly what, however, the "real" Android offers is unknown at this time.