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One Vision for Magazine Content on the Apple Tablet

We had previously reported that magazine publisher Cond Nast is already taking steps to produce tablet-specific content for their publications in anticipation of the Apple Tablet (and competing devices). Cond Nast publishes the technology magazine Wired amongst others.

Conds plan, meanwhile, is to create digital versions of its magazines that will work on all the upcoming tablets, using new software from Adobe (ADBE). Those tablets arent actually on the market yet, but the publisher says its confident that well soon see multiple versions of machines featuring large color touchscreens and wireless connections.

The company claims it has no special knowledge about Apple's device, but there have been reports that the New York Times has already been approached about producing content for the device.

A new video demonstrates their vision for content delivered on a tablet device:

Again, the company claims not to have any specific knowledge of an Apple tablet device, but expectations are building for exactly such a device.