NVIDIA CEO's Tablet Device Sparks Interest

Engadget points to an article from Shufflegazine about NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang's recent visit to Dubai where he was photographed with a slim slate-style tablet computer. The device's sleek profile, iPhone-style "home" button at the bottom front of the device, and suggestions of an iSight-like webcam in the top of the front bezel led to some initial speculation that the device might be related to Apple's much-rumored tablet computer.

While Apple's tightly-guarded secrecy surrounding its future products made it highly unlikely that any high-ranking figure would allow themselves to be photographed in public with an unreleased Apple device, should they even have access to it, an update to the article has confirmed that the device is simply a prototype tablet developed by NVIDIA to pitch to potential partners.

Through other people present at the event who played with the tablet a bit (I didn't) I've been told it's a Tegra based tablet that NVIDIA have developed to show off to various companies. This one was made for T-Mobile and carried their logo.